Thursday, February 17, 2011

Finally! & Ta Da! And The Winner Is......

Ta Da and the winner of the 
Hot Freezing Fashion/ Katrin Leblond
Made with Love 
Love Tee shirt Give away is

Bonnie from 

I will be posting more little vingettes from my 
fun and Pink Champangne visit
with Katrin at her boutique 
on St. Laurent Street.

I will not bore you all with the technical missteps and human error mishaps contributing to my absence.

Yawn! Fingers crossed they are all sorted out and I will back posting regularly:)

Inspite of my troubles with my flip camera and uploading to my blog, I did contact Bonnie and 
let her know she won! In fact, , more than likely, she should have received her lovely Love Tee Shirt.
Even before I was able to announce the winner to this fashion loving world!

Congrats Bonnie! Love wearing your Katrin Leblond Love Tee shirt & silk broach:)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Hello Everyone!

I have been to Katrin Leblond's Boutique and I filmed the draw revealing the winner.

I am having some terrible computer issues which are delaying the posting of the winner.

I apology for the delay and will post it as soon as I can.
Friday, January 14, 2011


In The Presence Of Heavenly Hosts

Angel guarded steps

float around til my genesis

gestates bearing creation's wings

twin souls from nothing to something

Supreme physical limits extended

Stretching Reaching Shakes it all up

Pulling from deep darkness sparks

Feline beauty overcomes

Evolution emerges

Cathedral Angels lull

my failings

Illusions strong

will change to Rise

as Billowing freedom

waits to predict

The answers to my dreams

Always a breath away

In The Presence of Heavenly Hosts

Written By Alison Elizabeth
Thursday, January 13, 2011

DRINKme-Eatme-READme by Irina Neustroeva

This is Dedicated To Those Who Adore The Art Of Reading

DRINKme-EATme-READme from Irina Neustroeva on Vimeo.

Let's Feel Yesterday's Fairytales

In Today's Hands

When tommorrow comes

We take paths to

leave behind

cherries on top

Written by Alison Elizabeth
Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Alberta Ferretti Special Event Pitti Opening

Enjoy Alberta Ferretti"s Special Event Fashion Show Opening the Pitti Imamagine In Florence.

An array of everyday glamorous real woman bring graceful beauty to Alberta Ferretti's runway show in Florence last night. Yes, it takes real woman to show the men how to open a men's fashion trade show.

Real woman who live real glamorous socialite lives, real woman who live real supermodel lives, real woman who live real professional lives and a real woman who lives a real glamorous bloggers life. Today's renaissance fairytale queens , princesses and brides.

Real smiles. Real nerves. Real missteps. Real demure.

Lace. Feathers. Fur. Chiffon.

Ladies will always delight and luxuriate themselves in these fabrics textures.

And my oh my, I do adore the opera coats amongst many pretty dresses!

I enjoyed watching this as my convalescing continues. I easily imagined being at an event with lovely ladies wearing these dresses and gowns. Including myself. This is the way would wear and carry ourselves.

My first choice is the 5th look. The chocolate Mocha Opera Coat with the short Cocktail dress.

My second choice is the 19th look. The Heather Grey/Lilac/Plum Top and Skirt.

But now looking at the photographers images I believe I got the colours all wrong! Both designs look Black & Grey. Oh well, they still are my number one and two choices.

One more random thought.

I believe the new look for today's bride has become long sleeves.

Delight yourselves:)

All photo images Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images Europe
Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Saved by Discovery- Pas De Deux Coda from Opening Ceremony

For the past two days I have been sick sick sick! So sick I am pretty well bed bound, feverish and bored.

The moments I am conscious, I have turned to my iTouch to take me internet shopping. Hmmmmm
pretty dangerous. Purusing Opening Ceremony's website. I thankfully discovered this pretty short film they created for their website. Otherwise I would have been in the doghouse with my magnificant man. I was very very very very close to clicking "Add to Cart" and purchasing this.

Boy By Band Of Outsiders : fur peacoat - light blue

.................but I would have been toasty warm. N'est pas!

Though I could have claimed I thought I was hallucinating when I purchased this too terrific and tempting light blue fur peacoat. I am completely feverishly delusional as if he would buy that one!

Instead of clicking "Add To Cart" I clicked on the short film and created a fever fuelled poetic commentary.


Pas de Deux Coda from Opening Ceremony on Vimeo.

Thrilled there she is

cross roads blind spots

hide her allure from

his chasing fluttering heartbeats

hook his desire

move with him nearer

She never will slip

Elated her affections hidden

entice his pursuit

Till Together

They cling in one fell swoop

Written by Alison Elizabeth
Monday, January 10, 2011

Shall I Meet You at Zara? Zara-Via del Corso, Roma-

ZARA · Via del Corso, Roma from Juan Rayos (COMMERCIALS) on Vimeo.

Seeking Fellow Shopping Adverture Dreamers! Shall We!
Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Girl- Stop Hey

Smiles tossed

headed to finding todays jewels

delivering Lover's

Joyous Blythe rays

Carving intricities laid close

Delighting Lovers

Jumps placed

climbed steps towards Sunday fires

Dreaming Lovers

Written by Alison Elizabeth
Friday, January 7, 2011

"Listen It Is Part Of The Look" In Fashion, Anna Dello Russo

Friday Night Fashion

This In Fashion interview with Anna Dello Russo is so last year! September 2010 in fact. I have been pondering and procrastinating on posting another video that came out this week. But alas, I am battling thoughts within my kook koo brain. Taking too long to draw this battle to a conclusion. As a result, I didn't publish a thing all day. Just drove myself crazy!

I was surfing around watching videos that make me happy and I rewatched this gem.

So if this is already old news to you pardon me and indulge me. For those of you who haven't seen this interview enjoy.

Time to let Anna Della Russo captivate and charm you. I found her to be darling and sincerely funny in this interview.

I adore these quotes, they brought smiles to my heart

Wonderful words spoken by Anna Dello Russo

"Father, It is part of the look"

"I should work in fashion absolutely because I will get sick if I don't do"

"My father understood really quickly she is crazy for fashion"
Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pretty Just Pretty - Elsa and Edith by Leanne Pedersen

Elsa and Edith from Leanne Pedersen on Vimeo.

Cream silence

Arch beyond

Swayed with your wishes

Fingertips tap touches

run through pages turned

wishes today become

tomorrows spirited muse

Nude prose

Flinging High

entwined to your fancy

Tip toes lift paths

along delicate lines twirled

from end to end

only yours to know

written by Alison Elizabeth
Wednesday, January 5, 2011

1.1 Negredo: The Raven- Jez Tozer

1.1 Negredo: The Raven - Director: Jez Tozer from ben boullier on Vimeo.

As the fire goes out

Pure lace divides
Stark Raven's Ride
holy Charms glide
leading to one's pride

one together we find
woven fluttered hearts tied

Tangled in time to abide
Snow white black dyed

Free stretched wings cried
Shall I touch love's tide
chaste innocence sublime
blanched ghosts feathers divine

Written by Alison Elizabeth
Monday, January 3, 2011

Let's Love Lots in 2011! A Hot Freezing Fashion XD! & Katrin Leblond Give Away

Let's Love Lots in 2011!

Let Me Start Off The First Week Of 2011 Giving Just A Little Bit More:)

Let Me Keep The Spirit Of Gratitude And Unexpected Surprises Alive!

Let Me Excite You And Get You Excited To Discover A New Designer & Her Boutique!

Let Me Have a Great Give Away Sharing The Love

Let Me Begin This Year Giving With Love!

I am pretty giddy to introduce you to another great independent designer and retailer based here in Montreal. Katrin Leblond. Love Love Love Love her! Love Love Love Love her designs. Love Love Love Love her Boutique on the great street here in Montreal, St. Laurent. I have to put my fingers on freeze frame because first things first!

Before I tell and share more, we have a really great give away for everyone!

We are giving away a sweet n loving Katrin Leblond "Love" Tee Shirt inspired by Robert Indiana's Love Sculpture. Not only just a "to be loved forever n ever" Tee but a pretty hand crafted multi coloured Rose Broach as well!

In the upcoming weeks I will be visiting Katrin in her studio and in her store and will be preparing as much as I can tell - all about this bright, delightful, inspiring designer and her escape to wonderland boutique. A boutique where you find a little bit more than just a place to shop. Until then I must resist my urge to go on and on because I don't want to spoil the fun.

Because it is so hard for me to keep quiet about Katrin and her boutique, I decided a great give away was a must way to start 2011!

To Enter It is As Easy As 123...........

1. Be A follower/Become a follower of Hot Freezing Fashion XD!

2. Pop over to Katrin Leblond's twitter page and become a follower. Also take a peek at her website as well!

3. Then leave a comment on this post. As well as letting me know you have become a Katrin Leblond follower on twitter.

Please note: 1. The Love Pillow shown in the pictures and video is not included in the give away. 2. Also this give away is open to international followers:)

Good Luck!

Give Away

Give Away
With Love From Me


Yes there is a lot of polishing that needs to be done here!

Admited! Guilty As Charged!

Looking At It Another Way. We Are Bravely Starting At
The Very Beginning. An Idea With No Real End In Sight.

Together We Can All Strive To Be Stratospherically Superb.

There Is A Blurry Focus But Don't Worry It Will Fun!

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