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Voila! Kapok The Boutique

Who Is The Man Behind These Shoes? 

This gentleman is Jérémy from Kapok Montréal.
He is a friendly, debonnaire gentleman from France who is responsible for blessing our lovely Montréal
with the third Kapok boutique and first international expansion for the retailer.

1069 avenue Laurier ouest
1er étage, suite #2
Montréal, QC, H2V 2L2

I believe Jérémy & KaPok Montreal will add great shopping fun and value plus some extra pleasant surprises as they strive to do great things to promote the Kapok philospy. I believe Kapok will become a favourite among "The Stylish & Stylers" of our world. I believe Kapok will give us those great goosebump shivers one gets when they find a great store. Matching one's own love of dressing and then the best ever surprises which cause us to exclaim......."OOOOOOOO What Is That?" as we are walking out the door with our purchases.

Oh come on now, we all have done it, you know you have!
But the thing is not many stores provide those types of shopping experiences.
But Kapok does.

As We Dress To Impress - Kapok Retails To Impress.
Look Out Montreal, shopping is about to become a Kapok experience!

So please allow me to introduce you to Jérémy & Kapok of Montréal
and he can tell you all about their story so far.............

1. Tell me how did Kapok's 3rd store come to Montréal?

I've lived in Mtl since July, 2009, and after many uninteresting little jobs, in December I talked to my brother and his boss, and Kapok founder, Arnault Castel about a 3rd Kapok here in Mtl. And they have been seduced by the idea and the Canadian way! New market, new people and very exciting challenge for the little Kapok family!

2. How much time did you spend on finding this great location?

6 months to find this space on Laurier, i visited lots of dirty and expensive rooms on St. Laurent, Mont Royal,
and i found this one in June; an old art gallery, clean, shiny and classy.

3. When you first walked into this space,
did you know it was the space which would work for your great store?

Definitely! I was with my girlfriend and we knew it should be perfect for Kapok!
We came to see it three times and we decided to take it and to begin the adventure, it was in July.

4. Since you opened, please share if you can, what has been your most pleasant surprise?

A guy from Vancouver who lived in MTL and who came back from Hong Kong where he met my brother in Kapok store - seeing the Mismo bags in the shop window! He was totally in love with our products and knew them and was really happy to learn that we've just launched the 3rd store in Mtl. It was good to see that people could share the same passion for selected and beautiful products we try to show at Kapok.

5. Regarding the style of your store,
what has or does inspire the design and selection of wonderful items you decide to carry?

Craftsmanship, quality and creativity. Classic lines but with a touch of originality in materials (felt, leather...)
flavour (lettuce soap, strawberry candle...) or conception and design (Mismo bags, Lip watches ...)
We try to find little brands with this kind of spirit, modernity but with tradition and nobility.

5. In terms of buying, how are you and your brother deciding what is bought for Montréal and what is bought for the Hong Kong stores?
It's between Arnault Castel, the CEO, my brother and me. We check the web, around us, our friends, everywhere - and when we find something we love and which matches with Kapok's spirit we talk about it and decide if we retail in the Mtl store or HK store or both. It depends on price, style - customers are not the same, we try and we see.

6. Do you both share in the buying responsibilites?

Yes, but it's Arnault who decides at the end. He's the boss, a cool boss!

7. Hong Kong has a more temperate climate than Montréal,
what is your strategy to buy and define your store here in Montréal given that this is a four season climate?

That's the challenge! We have to extend the Kapok spirit here in Mtl but with a specific selection especially in winter...but there are so many items and brands in the world which combine all of our requirements or expectations that it's really exciting to define a line!

8. As you continue to establish yourself and grow here in Montréal, what are you looking forward to implementing? What types of events or things would you like to do to promote your great store?
More cool short movies?

Yes, another cool short film for spring/summer! sure! and a big sale every 3 months with my 3 fashionistas friends who love to sell their own clothes. We did it last month, on Sunday, with cool music, cupcakes, fresh juices and a mix of Kapok discounted items and their items and it was really cool!
People came and discovered the store; it's friendly and everybody loves it!
I try to rent the space to artists to promote them at the same time, the walls are white;
it's perfect to show painters and photographers' collections.

9. What do you love, find most motivating and like best about establishing your newest store here in Montréal?

People who love the store of course and who say: ¨you have items we find nowhere else¨.
And people who appreciate the quality of the products and want to know the story of the brands,
I like to explain how they have been crafted! it's really interesting and motivating!
I love the shiny window in the morning when i drink my coffee, checking my emails, the spirit of the street, and the wind of new stuff which blows on Montréal in fashion, culture, music...

10. From what you have in your store now, what do reccomend as a "must buy"?
From what you are expecting to receive, what are really looking forward to receiving
and then reccomend as another "must buy"?

For men: a pair of Common Projects shoes (Achille white or 1938), so casual-chic,
and Maxx&Unicorn bi folder, handmade in Brooklyn, elegant and vintage.
For women: a Berangere Claire shirt in cotton made in France, classic and chic and a Mismo bag
in leather and canvas, white and brown, made in Denmark,
the perfect mix between Vuitton and Hermès without 3 zeros on the price!

And from what we're gonna receive, a really really nice brand of italian shoes for girls , surprise!!
and for men, the Bleu de Paname collection made in Paris, inspired from mid century workwear, top quality, japanese denim for jeans, gabardine for shirts...amazing !

a) Tokyo Amour Photography Book by Yasumasa Yonehara $65 CDN

a) Men's light plaid shirt, Designer (Bérangère Claire) (France) $179 CDN
b) Leather dark brown man bag, Designer (Carga) (Argentina) $298 CDN

a) Blue & white sneakers, Designer (Common Projects)(US) Materials - Italian Leather $390 CDN
b) Felt & leather strap man bag Designer (Carga) (Argentina) $262 CDN
c) Harris Tweed for Bleu de Paname men's cap, (France) $112 CDN
d) Felt & leather strap satchel, Designer (Carga) (Argentina) $249 CDN
e) White leather & polka dot sneakers, Designer (Common Projects)(US) $443 CDN

Wool And The Gang Fabricated Tales
a) Zion Lion $126 CDN
b) Stripy Coco $90 CDN
c) Tala Tank $86 CDN

a) Moleskin Notebooks (Special edition- KapokXmoleskine) $20 CDN

b) Assorted Journals (Five and a Half-recycled paper) $29 CDN
c) Item in top right corner (Porter Travel Bag-special edition for Kapok) $129
d) Assorted Jewelry Rings & Earrings Designers (Bandada, Mixko) Materials (felt, silver & ceramic) from $15 to $135 CDN
e) Assorted Watches and Colours Designer (OPS Design) $44 CDN
f) Fun Animal Rubber Bands Designer (Japan) $3.50 CDN

That's Frozen XD!


Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

so lovely x hivennn.

Anonymous said...

Montreal's latest store!! Neat.

The Red Umbrella said...

Lots of snazzy stuff!! Looks great.

oomph. said...

love the felt/leather bags.

Larissa said...

amazing! i'll be sure to drop by the store next time i visit Montreal!

Styles 'n Cream said...

Looks like a great store!

Karl-Edwin Guerre said...

Nice site.

erin said...

i want a rubber watch!

Anonymous said...

Nnenna said...

I just heard of Wool and the Gang and I love moleskines!

burcu d. said...

the bags are beautiful!

Miki's scrapbook said...

I love the bags and the watches; I want one in each color :).

Audrwey said...

Jeremy is very cool!!! Et Kapok est tout simplement génial!!!


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