Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Years To All My Lovely Pearls:) Champagne Toasts To You!

Happy New Years Style! from Michael Alden on Vimeo.

As the Countdown begins

He looks at you

Twinkling Eyes

for him to meet

Closer second by second

Your lovely face

Graceful demure smiles

for him to hope

Awaiting Fairy Tales


You take each other

by surprise

Written by Alison Elizabeth
Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kasia for the Alchemy Series by Jez Tozer

Kasia | for Alchemy Series by Jez Tozer from London Sessions Productions on Vimeo.

My Eyes Are Blind

To See Me

Found in My Light

My Veils

Scents from the dark

Red paper dreams

My threads trace through time

Artist eyes in Artists hands

No Mask wanted

To find me

Written by Alison Elizabeth
Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Good Morning Kitties!- Holy Fuck "Red Lights"

Quick Kitty Post From A Kitty On The Go!

Kitties Rock n Roll!!!!!!!!!!!
Tuesday, December 28, 2010

House Of Organza Presents "Adorn" by Jez Tozer

HOUSE OF ORGANZA PRESENTS "ADORN" by Jez Tozer from Kim Howells on Vimeo.

Silence of Quiet Days

Spike into our Wandering hearts

Golden Noise

Pinned Deep Within Many Dark Minds

Hush hush our cares away

With piercing whispers echoing loud

Written by Alison Elizabeth
Monday, December 27, 2010

SHOWstudio - Tribute to Alexander McQueen by Nick Knight, music by Björk

Our Turn To Say Goodbye

Our Tears To Never Run Dry

Our Hearts To Ache

Our Smiles To Fade Away

Our Spirits To Seem Crushed

Our Love Grows More Fire

Our Will Against Us Cries

Our Time Is Now To Say Goodbye

Written by Alison Elizabeth
Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Party Time! Topshop Christmas Fashion Film 2010

Perfect Pouty Lips

Lounging Your Christmas season Away

No no no no no

You can't do that

Put on all your Sequins, Bows &  Heels

Jewel Encrusted Nails with Glittered aplique make up
Floucing Here n There amongst feathers galour

Twirl round n round in your Fancy Frocks

It is Time to Shine,  It's Christmas Party Time!

Written by Alison Elizabeth

Merry Christmas To All You Beautiful Lustrous Fashion Loving Pearls!
Wishing You A Playfully Fun, Surrounded By Love Christmas Day!
Friday, December 24, 2010


Again, Mr. Karl Lagerfeld presents beauty before it become a topic of discussion amongst
friends over cocktails and dinner.

My husband & I were at a cocktail party last evening where there were more than a few conversations
I over heard and participated in relating to  the current film "Black Swan". We ourselves saw it and did think it was a very artistically beautiful film which left us feeling a little uncomfortable. The madness found in the pursuit of perfection can bring out the ugly in us all.

But we shall not dwell there, instead enjoy this film directed by Mr. Karl Lagerfeld during the final fitting for the costume he designed for Elena Glurdjidze to wear for The English National Ballet's presentation of  Ballet Russes .  She gives an impromptu  performance of The Dying Swan  for Mr. Karl Lagerfeld at the Chanel couture salon. It is everything Chanel. Graceful. Beautiful. And of course Lovely:)

I found this version of the performance on the great blog Influence And Stardoll back from a long long time ago. The May 28th, 2009 post. Take a peek I am sure you will enjoy:)
Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sleepy Walking In The Shining City

Crunching Through The Snow!

                                                        St. Catherine Street Always Sparkles!

                                                              Illuminated SnowGlobes!

                                                           City Parks Get All Dressed Up!

                                                         Snow Dusted Nativity Scenes!

Photos by Ralph Alfonso
Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Drum Roll Please! And The Winner Is...............

We Have A Winner!
Esther @ theGlamourmess

Send me your mailing  address Esther,
I will pop your prize in the post:)
Super Dupers Congrats Darling!   

Icons- Coco Chanel

Icons - Coco Chanel from studioFREAK on Vimeo.

We love ourselves as we dress ourselves up & down. Each day expressing our unique selves The strands we share in our blogs weave us together to become friends sewn together.

Together we are a lustrous strand of Pearls. Forever loving our fashion, our friends and ourselves. Together we make up what is iconic today, tomorrow and yesterday.

Please note: I do have a winner for my give away! I am really excited to announce the winner but sadly I have to keep you in suspense for just a while longer....... I am experiencing technical difficulties preparing the post......... Stay tuned I should have the announcement soon:)
Monday, December 20, 2010

Everything Counts In Large Amounts- Andrew Kuykendall. The Dreamers - Jean Pierre Caner

The Dreamers from Jean-Pierre Caner on Vimeo.

Pretty Girls I adore

Being Pretty is never a chore

Loving my pretty pleasures

Silk, Lace and sequins galore

Standing Tall In All decor

Tempting fantasies without measures

My whispers of sweet nothings soar

Her peek a boo glances secrets to explore

Lounging amongst perfumed treasures

Sweet Coquette my tomorrow's folklore

As she took my heart and tore

Written by Alison Elizabeth

Ta Ta to Toronto......... well for now!

Time To End Our Time In Toronto
But Before We Left 
We Took In A Little Of 
This and That!

  Craft Fairs  At The Gladstone Hotel (Where We Stayed) With Cupcakes and Jimmy Choo Shoe Cakes        
                                              Tempting Our Tastebuds Not Our Pocket Wallets

Window Shopping on Ossington Avenue
I Miss You Vintage 63- Ossington Avenue

Yes Adorable Doggie, We Didn't Want To Go Either!

Champange Toasts To Toronto One Terrific Town!
Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Smiles For The Last Weekend Shopping Day Before Christmas!

Don't let the Shopping Mayhem get you down! Smile and have fun out there my friends:)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Seen In Toronto By Moi!

   Taking in a  Toronto Friday: A Sharp City Living It Up

 Beginning with a visit with my fabulous friend Laura. Lunch & shopping at Holt Renfrew on Bloor!
                                                 For More On Laura See The Post-

             Ending the day attending a great show with  happy go lucky tongue in cheek Toronto band
                                   "The Wheel Wells" as they were making people feel great!

Glorious Glittering Gorgeous
Green Boots! on.............
                                                                 Also Found In Toronto!
                       Men Who Boldy........Wear Mustaches!

Bittersweet Farewell Hugs:)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cupcakes, Tea & Truly Grand ! Toronto Photographer Lynsie Roberts

Lynsie Roberts is a Fashion and Fine Arts Photographer from Toronto
Her Photo's say more than my words. Let them speak to you.
How bewitching, alluring and enchanting are these photos?
Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Voila! Don't Be Afraid Of Thieves Boutique Toronto

Ladies & Gentleman......

On my recent trip to Toronto on an exploration/romantic walk with my marvelous husband, we discovered this great boutique on Queen ST West called Thieves Boutique (1156 Queen W.)

Well, Ok, I will confess, I was really in a shopping mood. Though at this point in time, it was the end of my trip and well, let's say my wallet was leading me around and had done gone and emptied itself of all my cash! Of course I have no regrets over what I had found, but I hadn't found this "make me want to shout n shop" boutique sooner in my trip.

Wait till you all discover this great Canadian Eco Fashion Designer, Sonja den elzen. This talented woman honestly delivers being a eco conscious driven designer while at the same time creating the most versatile and wearable garments a person could include in their wardrobes.

I know you are all going to love her creations, her style and will put a visit to her store at the top of your list. Actually it must be at the top and the first boutique you visit! Otherwise your free wheeling wallet may constrict the shopping fun you can have here.

I don't believe you will find higher quality and greater value than here. Sonja's designs are so well designed, crafted and tailored people will think you are wearing haute couture. The lines are clean and a person can stylize her garments to work with many looks suitable for many different functions and day to day activities.


Sonja began designing Thieves in 2006.

Since then, she has participated and been invited to Toronto’s inaugural Green Living Show; Fashion Takes Action, profiled during Toronto’s Fashion Week; Seattle’s first Green Fashion Week;
Fashion Footprints: Sustainable Approaches exhibition to Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World (CCANW) in Exeter, UK.

Was a finalist in the Elle Magazine and Toronto Fashion Incubator New Labels Competition.

Has shown at Toronto Fashion Week; Montreal Fashion Week & New York Fashion Week.

As well as receiving great press coverage from Elle Canada and Flare here in Canada and notably naming Thieves one the top 10 Eco designers!

Quite the list I would say!

I also was very lucky as she did come into the boutique while I was there and she very graciously said she wouldn't be opposed to me doing a piece on her, her label and her boutique for my blog.

But really lucky to you folks my lovely readers because you  are about to discover your new favourite designer!

1. I think it is very smart to have a boutique to sell your sleek & beautiful designs. Did you open the boutique at the same time as you began creating your label?

No I opened the boutique 2 years after I started the line.

2. What has been the biggest benefit to owning your boutique?

It is wonderful to meet the customers in person, I have the opportunity to see how different body types look in the clothing and work with that. It is a great experience to see someone in the designs and they look and feel good.

3. Do you sell your line outside of Toronto and Canada?

Currently I sell to a few boutiques in Canada and then directly to customers world wide through my online shop

4. How long did it take to acquire accounts outside of Toronto?

It's not that it takes long, you just have to be able to make sales trips or have an appropriate sales rep.

5. In terms of your inspiration and how you go from idea to a garment hanging here in the store. Do you start with a piece of fabric and then design a garment from what you envision or do you sketch first and then decide on the fabric you want? Or are ideas always popping up in your head and you have your sketch book with you always?

I usually have an idea come into my head, then I sketch it and figure out what fabric would be best suited, sometimes the fabrics choice comes at the same time as the design idea. I usually try to have something on me to sketch in in case an idea comes to me. My ideas often come when I am going to sleep or waking up, so I keep a sketchbook by my bedside.

6. From the inception of Thieves, to now, are you finding it easier to source the eco - friendly sustainable fabrics you use?

Sometimes it is easier and sometimes its harder, some great suppliers have closed down, and new ones have come forward, so I am always on the hunt.

7. Does the availability of the fabric play a big factor in what you design for each collection?

Yes fabric plays an important factor, i also tend to like to use very high quality sustainable fabrics.

8. If yes, are you finding yourself inspired to create a wider range of garments for each season's collection?

I generally do create a wide range of garments each season, so along with the special high end pieces, I try to make sure there are more accessible basics with my own twist.

9. I love how your clothes can fit into a high end fashion devotee's closet to a busy man or woman on the run's closet . Are you finding yourself surprised at how many and/or the range of diverse looks your clientele create for themselves from the items in your collections?

Yes and I have also been surprised and pleased at the diverse range of my clientele in general.

10. When you are out on the street or at a restaurant and you see someone wearing your clothes, can you describe what that is like for you?

I love to see someone out and wearing the clothing it is wonderful.

11. With all the challenges and hurdles facing any business, what brings you the most happiness and satisfaction with the path you have chosen for yourself and courageous choice you have made being completely committed to creating a label using only eco friendly fabrics?

Being able to provide people with a stylish option in the realm of eco fashion, that it can be style first and still be conscious.

12. One thing to leave with our readers and to have a little fun with. What is the one item in your current collection that you think is a must have for every one's wardrobe?

Well, for the women it has definitely been the 5 in 1 dress, which actually can be worn more then 10 ways, they are easy to travel with, can be casual or dressy, can be a couple of tops or multiple dresses. and for the men it would have to be the trench that goes a long way!

Photo Images: Guilio Muratori

That's Frozen XD!

And here is some More  That's Frozen XD!

I just checked my email and well low and behold what did I find in my inbox.
The best kind of announcement a lady can get....... A sale.....

What great timing ! Have fun shopping at Thieves Boutique, I know I will!

Also for more great fun scroll down and enter my great "Wool & The Gang" Give Away
Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tantalizing Toronto - EmBodying Toronto Short Film By Joyce Wong

Joyce Wong- Winner of The Toronto Urban Film Festival's Grand Jury Prize
Winner of WIFT-T's Most Innovative Film By A Female Director Award (2009)

A creative mind from Toronto.

Such a clever way to present Toronto to the world!


EmBodying Toronto from Joyce Wong on Vimeo.

Monday, December 13, 2010

For The Moment" Natalia from Mike Kobal

For The Moment: Natalia. Super Slow Motion from Mike Kobal on Vimeo.

Take Care

Into This Moment

I will Stare

Facing Forward

Who cares what will come!

It all Flows foward

Even when I dare

looking backwards

Echos from behind

Won't catch my ear

Nothing to fear

Into this moment

I will stare

Thin Veils between

Forward and Backward

Tripped towards ahead

Behind tripped back

Still I am kind


Into this Moment

Facing Foward

I will stare

Written by Alison Elizabeth

Scroll Down And Enter My Great "Wool & The Gang" Give Away

Touching Toronto!

A recent trip to another great city in my great big country. Toronto!

This week I am going to get us all turned on by Toronto. From the Glamours glitzy to some great & silly street vibe.

I am going to tease you all a little just to let Toronto turn you on!

Let me share with you- Fashion Focus @ Seven

Presenting Sponsor for IRDC 2010

Fashion Focus from Micah Rix-Hayes on Vimeo.

The art of fashion!

The eye to the details!

Dressed up dressed down!

No end to how the story can be told with the creative displays!

Tempting us, enticing us to touch to try and to wear!

Then the moment we slip the garment or item on....


From the seeds of all the creative hands

We have brought to life the fashion and the style!

Making it our very own!

Remember to scroll down and enter my great Kapok & Hot Freezing Fashion XD! "Wool & The Gang Give Away"
Friday, December 10, 2010

A Hot Freezing Fashion XD! & Kapok Give Away

Yes everyone, just as both the winter & holiday gift season sets in, Hot Freezing Fashion & Kapok has a great give away! And we think it will be great fun!

From now, Dec 10th To Dec 21st ( the fist official day of winter) simply  
#1- become a follower of the blog or send an email to and

#2 -  comment on these two posts titled A) Kapok, Are We About To Discover A Great New Retailer? & B.) Voila! Kapok The Boutique. It is as easy as that!

Note: If you are already a follower and have commented on the posts, you have automatically been entered:)

On Dec 22nd I will join Jérémy in his store and together we will draw the lucky winner plus have a champagne toast to the winner! It will also be Hot Freezing Fashion XD!'s first video podcast. I am adding a new element of fun to what I are creating.......

I am sure you are eager to see what the great give away is so I will put a zipper on my chatting!


The Hot Freezing Fashion XD! & Kapok Give Away includes

1.) Wool & The Gang  Knitting Kit - Lacey Sissi - Pink Nude
2.) (Malin & Goetz) Vitamin b5 hand treatment
3.) Hconcept animal rubberbands ( not shown)

All you talented craft designers will love this! We will ship international!

Enter Enter Enter...... Good Luck & Have Fun!

That's Frozen XD!

Voila! Kapok The Boutique

Who Is The Man Behind These Shoes? 

This gentleman is Jérémy from Kapok Montréal.
He is a friendly, debonnaire gentleman from France who is responsible for blessing our lovely Montréal
with the third Kapok boutique and first international expansion for the retailer.

1069 avenue Laurier ouest
1er étage, suite #2
Montréal, QC, H2V 2L2

I believe Jérémy & KaPok Montreal will add great shopping fun and value plus some extra pleasant surprises as they strive to do great things to promote the Kapok philospy. I believe Kapok will become a favourite among "The Stylish & Stylers" of our world. I believe Kapok will give us those great goosebump shivers one gets when they find a great store. Matching one's own love of dressing and then the best ever surprises which cause us to exclaim......."OOOOOOOO What Is That?" as we are walking out the door with our purchases.

Oh come on now, we all have done it, you know you have!
But the thing is not many stores provide those types of shopping experiences.
But Kapok does.

As We Dress To Impress - Kapok Retails To Impress.
Look Out Montreal, shopping is about to become a Kapok experience!

So please allow me to introduce you to Jérémy & Kapok of Montréal
and he can tell you all about their story so far.............

1. Tell me how did Kapok's 3rd store come to Montréal?

I've lived in Mtl since July, 2009, and after many uninteresting little jobs, in December I talked to my brother and his boss, and Kapok founder, Arnault Castel about a 3rd Kapok here in Mtl. And they have been seduced by the idea and the Canadian way! New market, new people and very exciting challenge for the little Kapok family!

2. How much time did you spend on finding this great location?

6 months to find this space on Laurier, i visited lots of dirty and expensive rooms on St. Laurent, Mont Royal,
and i found this one in June; an old art gallery, clean, shiny and classy.

3. When you first walked into this space,
did you know it was the space which would work for your great store?

Definitely! I was with my girlfriend and we knew it should be perfect for Kapok!
We came to see it three times and we decided to take it and to begin the adventure, it was in July.

4. Since you opened, please share if you can, what has been your most pleasant surprise?

A guy from Vancouver who lived in MTL and who came back from Hong Kong where he met my brother in Kapok store - seeing the Mismo bags in the shop window! He was totally in love with our products and knew them and was really happy to learn that we've just launched the 3rd store in Mtl. It was good to see that people could share the same passion for selected and beautiful products we try to show at Kapok.

5. Regarding the style of your store,
what has or does inspire the design and selection of wonderful items you decide to carry?

Craftsmanship, quality and creativity. Classic lines but with a touch of originality in materials (felt, leather...)
flavour (lettuce soap, strawberry candle...) or conception and design (Mismo bags, Lip watches ...)
We try to find little brands with this kind of spirit, modernity but with tradition and nobility.

5. In terms of buying, how are you and your brother deciding what is bought for Montréal and what is bought for the Hong Kong stores?
It's between Arnault Castel, the CEO, my brother and me. We check the web, around us, our friends, everywhere - and when we find something we love and which matches with Kapok's spirit we talk about it and decide if we retail in the Mtl store or HK store or both. It depends on price, style - customers are not the same, we try and we see.

6. Do you both share in the buying responsibilites?

Yes, but it's Arnault who decides at the end. He's the boss, a cool boss!

7. Hong Kong has a more temperate climate than Montréal,
what is your strategy to buy and define your store here in Montréal given that this is a four season climate?

That's the challenge! We have to extend the Kapok spirit here in Mtl but with a specific selection especially in winter...but there are so many items and brands in the world which combine all of our requirements or expectations that it's really exciting to define a line!

8. As you continue to establish yourself and grow here in Montréal, what are you looking forward to implementing? What types of events or things would you like to do to promote your great store?
More cool short movies?

Yes, another cool short film for spring/summer! sure! and a big sale every 3 months with my 3 fashionistas friends who love to sell their own clothes. We did it last month, on Sunday, with cool music, cupcakes, fresh juices and a mix of Kapok discounted items and their items and it was really cool!
People came and discovered the store; it's friendly and everybody loves it!
I try to rent the space to artists to promote them at the same time, the walls are white;
it's perfect to show painters and photographers' collections.

9. What do you love, find most motivating and like best about establishing your newest store here in Montréal?

People who love the store of course and who say: ¨you have items we find nowhere else¨.
And people who appreciate the quality of the products and want to know the story of the brands,
I like to explain how they have been crafted! it's really interesting and motivating!
I love the shiny window in the morning when i drink my coffee, checking my emails, the spirit of the street, and the wind of new stuff which blows on Montréal in fashion, culture, music...

10. From what you have in your store now, what do reccomend as a "must buy"?
From what you are expecting to receive, what are really looking forward to receiving
and then reccomend as another "must buy"?

For men: a pair of Common Projects shoes (Achille white or 1938), so casual-chic,
and Maxx&Unicorn bi folder, handmade in Brooklyn, elegant and vintage.
For women: a Berangere Claire shirt in cotton made in France, classic and chic and a Mismo bag
in leather and canvas, white and brown, made in Denmark,
the perfect mix between Vuitton and Hermès without 3 zeros on the price!

And from what we're gonna receive, a really really nice brand of italian shoes for girls , surprise!!
and for men, the Bleu de Paname collection made in Paris, inspired from mid century workwear, top quality, japanese denim for jeans, gabardine for shirts...amazing !

a) Tokyo Amour Photography Book by Yasumasa Yonehara $65 CDN

a) Men's light plaid shirt, Designer (Bérangère Claire) (France) $179 CDN
b) Leather dark brown man bag, Designer (Carga) (Argentina) $298 CDN

a) Blue & white sneakers, Designer (Common Projects)(US) Materials - Italian Leather $390 CDN
b) Felt & leather strap man bag Designer (Carga) (Argentina) $262 CDN
c) Harris Tweed for Bleu de Paname men's cap, (France) $112 CDN
d) Felt & leather strap satchel, Designer (Carga) (Argentina) $249 CDN
e) White leather & polka dot sneakers, Designer (Common Projects)(US) $443 CDN

Wool And The Gang Fabricated Tales
a) Zion Lion $126 CDN
b) Stripy Coco $90 CDN
c) Tala Tank $86 CDN

a) Moleskin Notebooks (Special edition- KapokXmoleskine) $20 CDN

b) Assorted Journals (Five and a Half-recycled paper) $29 CDN
c) Item in top right corner (Porter Travel Bag-special edition for Kapok) $129
d) Assorted Jewelry Rings & Earrings Designers (Bandada, Mixko) Materials (felt, silver & ceramic) from $15 to $135 CDN
e) Assorted Watches and Colours Designer (OPS Design) $44 CDN
f) Fun Animal Rubber Bands Designer (Japan) $3.50 CDN

That's Frozen XD!
Thursday, December 9, 2010

While You Wait! May I Introduce You To Bobby Bazini!

Hot Freezing Fashion Is Working On  A Little Something, Something For You All..........

You will want to know who is this man with the blue shoes on!
Stay tuned and have no fear you will meet the man with the blue shoes!

Until then let Hot Freezing Fashion XD! present 2 music videos from Bobby Bazini.

A local Montreal Singer, who by the way, is very handsome and charming, that is bringing a fresh whimsical infectious sound to the radio air waves here in Montreal.


Bobby Bazini- I Wonder

Bobby Bazini - I Wonder from mathieu grimard on Vimeo.

Bobby Bazini -Oh Katy

Bobby Bazini: Oh Katy from Benjamin Lussier on Vimeo.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Danny & Annie From StoryCorps - It's All About Love:) You Will Be Touched And You Just May Cry:(

Danny & Annie from StoryCorps on Vimeo.
StoryCorps- "Every Voice Matters"

Let me share this powerful & touching love story with you...........

Sometimes a lifetime of great love is made up of the simplest most thoughtful gestures towards one another.

Is not a life with a great love the ultimate way to fashion our lives?

For me, expressing my self-respect through my love of fashion frees me to do the little things I do for and with my thoughtful, kind, hot and warm husband. And for that matter, all those I love and care:)

Here is a great love story. One to remember during this look good, get a million and one things done, stressful season. So when you feel a little bit overwhelmed,we can remember Danny & Annie, smile and give the simplest something that will touch those you love deeper than one can imagine. Everyone can afford to give those powerful but small simple gestures:)

Living with simple, ordinary, thoughtful gestures is truly the fashionable way to live.

Enjoy Danny & Annie's story.

That's Frozen XD!
Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fashion Tutorial- A Beautiful Fashion Piece Featuring Past Inventive Ground Breaking Designs

British Fashion Council - 25 Dresses for London Fashion Week from Superglue on Vimeo.

Can You Fly?

Where Can You Climb?

Do You Dare To Step Out?

Can You Do It?

Will You Lie To Yourself? To Us?

What Can Be Done?

Are You Trying To Bend Your Will?

Do You Stand The Test Of Time?

Where Will you Stand?


Written by Alison Elizabeth
Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Doomtree: Wings & Teeth Tour 2010- The Second Coming Of Dessa & Her Fired Up Holy Men!

On A Dark November Rainy Evening ......
A Tour Van Pulled Into Montreal. Out Of This Old Fashioned System Of Delivering Music To The Masses Emerged

The Doomtree: Wings & Teeth Tour 2010

I am bursting at the seams to share!  Enjoy and take pleasure:)

To Begin With A Very Pretty Great Video from Lazerbeak- Dream Team

Lazerbeak "Dream Team" Music Video from Doomtree Records on Vimeo.

This past summer my marvelous man & I became curious and somehow knew we needed to go see an artist performing at the Montreal Jazz Festival. Her name is Dessa.

It was such a great show, really strong performance and she was so thrilled to be here and performing and she drew a really great big crowd. Awesome for her first show ever in Montreal.

Dessa is part of a Hip Hop collective from Minneapolis called Doomtree. They bring "Do It Yourself" to a supersede yourself level.

I am going to post a few videos here because I can't help but gush and swoon over Dessa and the other crazy talented, committed artists she has created music and a record label with, and has headed out on the road with.

My head is swirling and twirling still basking in the energy of their show last night.

Now stepping back to the summertime. After Dessa's most incredible show at the Montreal Jazz Festival, we quickly walked ourselves through the summer evening crowds to the Jazz Festival Store to purchase Dessa's CD. Well we scoured the store for a very very very long time trying to find her CD and to our Dessa loving hearts were broken just a little bit when we discovered her CDs were not at the store. So sad for us.

My marvelous man makes his way in this world spinning around in the music industry and he sent Dessa or the label and email introducing himself as well as telling them about his activities here in Canada and seeing if they were working on Canadian distribution for their music.

And well life gets busy and all that stuff and we never heard back. So our lives went on spinning.

Now stepping forward and back a few weeks I discovered Dessa was once again coming to Montreal! This time with her fellow label mates - and what I just knew would be a great tour of an awesome collective.

So enter the nagging wife! I think the past week I ask my hubby if we were going at least 5 or 6 times a day. I was pestering him to see if such n such wanted to go with us. My marvelous man has an incredibly demanding schedule and deadlines to meet so even though it would seem we could see all the shows we want - well the work of music industry makes it difficult to attend the shows we want when we want. I was being a real bratty, naggy wifey! My poor saint of a husband.

I just knew we had to be there.

And how life surprises.

Of course yesterday and for me in general Tuesdays are my super crazy days. I left the house yesterday at 11am (after already being out to do some morning errands) and didn't get home until 1:30 am.

When I left I was a little saddened (well really saddened) because I thought that we were going to miss the Dessa show because my marvelous man was just too busy with the a major major deadline that cropped and he had to met.

I hadn't even chatted with my marvelous man all day, we were both so busy we didn't get a chance. Last night, by chance he was picking me up after my shift and was going to get me to my night class so I could get there on time.

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

When I jumped in the car my marvelous man said "Great News honey, I have a surprise for you, we are going to go to Dessa!" I was so excited I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

I have married truly the most marvelous man!

So after my class we went and saw one of the best shows I have ever seen.

The energy was super high, super enthusiastic and super happy!

Everyone who was there knew the words and were up close to the stage. How refreshing to not see the typical "too cool for school" types standing in the back of the room being stand offish and aloof. The epitome of uncool!

Everyone such strong performers and the show was really tight and flowed together but was also spontaneous.

Dessa is such an enchanting performer. She is strong holds nothing back yet isn't aggressive or misses a beat!

This show was cool superseded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My marvelous man and I had an incredibly great time. I bought 4 Cds and a great Wings & Teeth Tour Tee!

Enjoy the videos from the show recorded unprofessional low grade on my marvelous man's Blackberry!

And now to the show!

The Finale!

Yeah I am starting with the truly Amen Holy Finale Featuring- Sims, P.O.S., Dessa, Cecil Otter & Lazerbeek.

Dessa & Sims

She Sings

That's Frozen XD!

Give Away

Give Away
With Love From Me


Yes there is a lot of polishing that needs to be done here!

Admited! Guilty As Charged!

Looking At It Another Way. We Are Bravely Starting At
The Very Beginning. An Idea With No Real End In Sight.

Together We Can All Strive To Be Stratospherically Superb.

There Is A Blurry Focus But Don't Worry It Will Fun!

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