Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Spiffy Pizzazy! Myco Anna!

Photo Images: Chrystian Paquet

Well if this won't help me skip along the street during the chilly days, I don't know what will! This is most definately a "That's Frozen!" item.

WOW  WOW Gotta Have!
And well, lucky me, this past weekend I skipped my butt to the La Grande Braderie De Mode De Quebecoise. A very fine shopping event. Established in 1994, this twice a year serious shopping event/pilgrimage has been drawing us fashion loving shoppers like moths to a flame. 

Being a newish resident to Montreal, this moth was most definitely drawn to this event. In fact, I went 2 days. Friday afternoon & Saturday morning! There was so much to discover and try on; I was only able to  do 2 floors over 4 hours on Friday. My head was starting to spin, I had to stop and come back the next day.

On the sunny Saturday morning, rested and energized for my brand new day of shopping. I arrived at the Marche Bonsecours in Old Montreal ready to find my new treasures.

Well, within minutes, I found myself at the sunny booth for Myco Anna's collection of last season's warm and just plain ole Spiffy Pizzazy dresses, sweaters, slacks, hat, scarves & best of all - smart clever designs that will lift your spirits when tackling the misery winter delivers. I dare one to wear a Myco Anna design and not feel happy and have a smile on your face! I dare you!

It was no wonder her booth area was packed with shoppers and admirers. There was so much Fab!

I was poking along the racks. Poke  Poke Poke loving this and loving that then........... 

OH! OH! OH! What is this!

Hmmmmm I spotted what looked like a rack of sweaters with great bell sleeves. I just love bell sleeves! And on a sweater even better as I am not too keen on a tight sleeve.

"Oh what is this?" "Why it is a poncho!" "Oh a little faux fur touch around the neck!" 
I could feel my heart starting to beat faster. 

"Oh I see, it is a poncho" but look the sleeves, you slip your arms in at the bottom sides of the poncho!" How clever is this! I have never seen such ingenuity!

I slip the poncho on over my head and of course I am klumsy so I fiddle with placing it on my shoulders just right. I easily slip my arms in the sleeves and Voila! Damn near perfection! I could feel how beyond great this was going look!

I turn and look in the mirror!  I swear when I saw myself it was the same impact as when I was shopping for my wedding dress and I "found the one". Really, this Poncho/Sweater was made for me!

WOW WOW Gotta Have! 

I was jumping out of my skin with excitement at what I had just found for myself. 

It didn't take long for me to purchase this. I can barely remember paying for it because I was in such a euphoric state I was forcing myself to do breathing exercises because I swear I was going to hyper ventilate with excitement.

Yes I am very silly! Silly with the love for fun, vibrant, statement pieces from great designers. Designers who bring a little extra to their garments! I get all silly with love when I find these treasures when I am shopping.

The Poncho Sweater I bought has a lighter colour palette. Whites, taupes, greens and even vibrant turquoise! Love Love Love! 

Love Love Love! so much I have worn it 3 days out of 4 since I bought it. When I have worn it, I have received a compliment or two everytime! 

Parusing the Myco Anna website I have spotted my new WOW WOW Gotta Have!'s

The Nostalgie Bolero & Cami &  Discipline Tunic with the Reve Sweater! And then there is the Cloche Hat! Oh I just love my  WOW WOW Gotta Have!'s

Thank you Myco Anna, for creating such a glorious garment!

 I left your booth skipping my way through the rest of my day!


That's Frozen!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Getting To The Sizzle!

Images from George Dunhill

My Husband God Bless Him! But............

He really needs to learn to listen to every word I say and to not cringe running to that place in his mind which tells him "this is a ridiculous price to pay". In fact that place in his mind should be telling him to listen to his wife.

First off we are not foolish in the way we spend our money. So when we do find something that works, looks good and is quality made, we can splurge in those situations. But is it a splurge when the item in question is a neccesity and is appropriate for fulfilling the need for the item in the first place? That is a whole other topic isn't it?

In this instant it was finding a great casual to dressier shoe. One which would work with a few looks for different functions and events we go to. Do you think I want to strangle this man I love dearly when he tries to pull it is too expensive? Yeah I do!  There we are one of those couples shopping together being snippy, exchanging glances and getting into a mexican stand off. Oh you can imagine - I know you can -we have all seen them.

Every couple has their thing and this couple, well I think it is my hubby's problem but when it comes to shoes I need to hooked up to a moveable IV unit which feeds me lovely champagne from fine bottles attached to the unit. Because I really need to be in that happy state we get in when we drink champagne while shopping with my hubby for shoes.

Infuriating is putting it mildly.

I don't know why he gets so picky picky picky picky when it comes to shoes. I have fustrating tale after tale of finding a really great pair and him walking away.

It is so bad. You have no idea the hundreds of time he wouldn't open his wallet to buy the really great shoe. So very bad because it leaves him without proper shoes from time to time. And we all know how bad that is. It is almost as bad as being dull. Don't you think?

On a recent trip to Vancouver we went to one of our favourite boutiques Eugene Choo.

In my opinion it holds its own as world class store.  Finding a great store with great clothing for men is a real challenge and a rare species. We count on Eugene Choo to spruce up and spiffafy my husband. Eugene Choo has never failed us.

On this last visit well did we not find the greatest boot for my hubby. We both loved them. The Rokin Damien Chukka Boot in Black. What a boot! The design, the craftmenship, the touches to the soul of the boot, the fit, the comfort.  It was all love! And And And, they were on SALE!!!!!!!!

And And And still my husband was pulling his "these are too expensive"

I mean I was about to open my webbrowser on my phone and look for a divorce lawyer in Montreal for when we got back!

Now with these boots and for these boots, I put my foot down. He was buying these boots! And he did buy these boots!

Fast forward to a great seat sale giving us the chance to take a fun mid week getaway. Being dressed really well when one flies is a very important thing for a person to do. I am adamant about that. When one is going to fly it is not a time for lazy sloppy attire.

I was so excited when my hubby choose to wear his really great Rokin Damien Chukka Boots! He walks with a springier bounce. He seems carefree when he wears them and I really really really like it when he has a carefree air about him. It can definately get things cooking:)

Well, now back to our get away. We get to the airport and everything is moving along all dandy like until we go through security. Oh no! We do the perfunctory. Off with our jackets, jewelry, belts and of course shoes and boots. Step through the metal detector no beeps, very good. We stand over next to the belt to wait for our items to be scrutinized. And then it happen!

"Are these your boots sir?" the security guard asked my husband. I thought "oh great, I am never going to hear the end of this" "The boots are going to pose some kind of trouble and will delay us getting to the gate on time." Which is another irrational quirk my hubby has. He thinks we have to be at the gate 2 hours ahead of time. That is his definition of ontime.

Well my husband said "yes they are my boots" And we waited. We waited to see what the problem was.    We waited trying to not look nervous and guilty of god knows what because these situations and line of questioning can do that to you.

We watched as the security guard was looking at them inspecting them. It was really hard to gauge what the problem was with these really great boots.

Then the security guard said "This is a superb boot, I have a pair just like them" "You have great taste Sir" "I will tell you though take the shoe to the cobbler and get a couple of heel nails in the heel right there" "I had a little trouble and I had to have that done, so this may save you a little trouble, Have a great trip"

Well well well well, what I thought was going come a feather in my husband's cap for buying those really expensive but really great shoes turned into some friendly banter going through the dreaded airport security and a tip for smart preventative care for a pair of boots that did cost a fair price even on sale but that do serve some of the many wardrobe requirements my hubby has!

We both put on our things to head to our gate. I look over at my hubby with that carefree spring in his step but now he had a little bit of swagger too because his boots got him noticed in the security line. Noticed for all the right reasons. As I looked at him walking with me to the gate things with me started to get cooking and well I can say we had a very sizzling mid-week getaway.

Now I wonder, has my hubby learned he needs to listen to what I say esp when it comes to the footwear he purchases?
Monday, October 25, 2010

Here, Dull Is Against The Law!


Yes Oh Yes Polyester is a scary thing!

How creeped out are you after watching the tale of the stranger who came to town?

Yes Oh Yes Polyester is a scary thing!

We are in the midst the haunting season! We are being haunted by the ghosts of past fashion faux pas's. Fashion which never should have been created and sold to the innocent fashion loving soul!

Yes Oh Yes Polyester is a scary thing!

Though one thing will save us, easing our fears. We must commit to being brave, bright and vibrant everyday when we dress our fashion loving souls. The one thing we can take away from this creepy little tale is this!

Here, Dull Is Against The Law!
Friday, October 22, 2010

"My Oh So Flattering Tunic"

My Hubby! God Bless Him:)

We had a fateful day yesterday!

There is most definately a nip in the air now:(
But I am not going to fret it as I will be dressed fashionably warm and snug as the temperature drops to -shouldn't be allowed to get that cold- temperatures.

Noticing the chill, I decided to start dressing warmer and I wanted to stay away from black, brown & greys. You know being dressed in a monochrome shade is not what I am going for. I spotted it! "My Oh So Flattering Tunic" A lime green jersey knit tunic I have. Normally it would have been put away with my summer clothes. I am a throw back who still packs away my summer & winter clothes once the season has past. How I missed packing away this fun and "My Oh so flattering tunic" is a mystery to me?

I then remembered something and put two and two together! I also have a very fun lime green long crochet scarf with pretty fuschia red & pink roses on it. I combined "My Oh so flattering tunic" & fun pretty scarf together with a pair of soft baby cord stretch trousers & a delicate brushed flannel stretch cropped very light weight jacket which can be worn under my coat. Both in black. Yes I chose a basic colour which really was out shone by my in my minds eye a great combo and look.


And I was off to trot and prance my way through the day!

Let's fast forward!

I decide time for me to retire for the evening. I get up and kiss my hubby and say goodnight. A great way to end my day...........

Then he looks at me again........

His head tilts to the side........

He makes a face............

I ask what it is?

He is reluctant to answer.........
And we all know why he is reluctant to answer! lol

I press him again "you need to tell me" I say

He takes a deep breath..........

"That top, it looks like you have a stomach that sticks way out , it makes it look really big!

Can you believe that he actually said that! A man should know there are things you never say to a woman!


I was not offended. Surprise! Surprise!

I furrowed my brow...

Really! Had I not noticed before? ......

He said, I think it is too high waisted or something.......

Off I trot to look in my mirror!

Oh God Bless my hubby! He was right! How could this be? How could I not have noticed before?

I then looked with an eagle eye....Oh maybe this is the culprit a design combination that together does not flatter my shape whatsoever!

It has an empress waist & cut longer on the sides giving the bottom of the top a half circle hem. Shorter in the centre and longer on the sides with the highcut empress waist was a fashion disaster for me! Silly me! Walking around all day feeling really great in my outfit with its bright splashy lime green colour!

I fiddled around with the hem and I did discover if I shortened the hemline at the sides, evening it out with the shorter hem, the big big tummy effect disappeared! Voila I know what to do to save "My Oh So Flattering Tunic!" from being donated to my local Sally Ann.

OH "My Oh So Flattering Tunic!" When I wear you again after I make my adjustments I will remember the old days fondly. Remembering me prancing around my daily life wearing you thinking I was looking great!....

OH "My Oh So Flattering Tuni!" have no fear we can and will evolve! It will all be alright in the end! We will look even better together!
Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dare we ask? Do you see a "The Satorialist" vibey video portrait?

We can get lost in this!

So sweet:) So Whimsical:)

If I had to live forever in a video, I want to live in "Dance With Me" by Nouvelle Vague.

Completely capturing ones senses. A whimsical delicate music video perfect to watch when you want to lift your spirits creating a sublime Paris life for yourself.

Demurely dressed, their charms simply seduce us to dance with them in their world of fantasy.

There is a "The Satorialist" portrait in this little gem without a doubt.
Tuesday, October 19, 2010

This Is Life!

"That's Frozen"

On my end, there may be a little Tilda lovefest going on here!

Yes another video being played over n over n over again!

This is the life isn't it!

Bold Colours, Retro Seventies Fashion, Silly Silliness, Enthusiasm, Dancing !!!!!!!!
Topping it off 4 Tilda's!
And on top of topping it off, Tilda's voice sounds sweet and loving! I just want to melt! My favourite is , well I love it all but, at the end when says "Marine" says to "Rosetta" (with the best smile ever, so big so wide) "Did you like it" & Rosetta says "It's gorgeous" So proud So loving!

I must find this movie and rent it.

Yes, I know there are some unattractive wigs and retro styling going on here. Don't mind that. What is so "That's Frozen" about this is how much life is bursting all around in this short clip.

There still is a lot of style going on here!

Today let's live our lives with a little enthusiasm and silliness.

Let's be brilliant!

Pizzaz & Sass

Images from Daftbird online catalogue Fall 2010 Collection

My First official personal quest purchase, an Olive Grey Scarf from Daftbird. Saw; instantly knew it was a "must buy" to make my quest of waltzing through winter 2010/20100 a warm & toasty reality. The "but" popped into my brain as fast as the "must buy". But am I scrificing my fashion flair here? But it is a jersey cotton scarf after all? Oh dear, I have a dilemma! Will this work? Will it do the job? Oo, I feel the realm of being practical. " have I boxed myself in?"

Ok well let me think on that for just a moment.

There will be some basic items imperative to this quest. You say they may not have the pizzazz( of course- matter of personal opinion) of say an Ostrich Feather Boa? Plus- the colour is a great colour - lending itself to working with dressier items, right? Really, is it such a big deal that it has a casual just thrown on vibe to it? Really? Really? Really?


Not if the the item in question has some sass. A garment or item with a little attitude to let you bring your personal pizzaz & sass to the look you have chosen for that particular frostbit freezing day!

This scarf has a lot of attitude, basic yes, yet the scarf adds an almost defiant air to your style & step when you wear it!

What adds that element of Pizzazz & Snazz?

As you see, the scarf is also a hood! The scarf is also nice and long! The ends of the scarf can be buttoned together!

Well you can wear this as many ways as your imagination can devise.
Drape it!
Twist it!
Hang it!
Hood up!
Hood down!
On its own!
With a sweater!
With a jacket!

I will be finding lots of ways to wear this! With a high degree of confidence I know I can say "this decision won't let me down as I face winter head on draped in my must buy Olive Grey Scarf by Daftbird"

"I can't wait"
Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sometimes Less Is More

This invoked many thoughts and sparked my imagination in many ways. I know this is a time for me to sssshhhh myself.

Enjoy, Feel & Daydream:)

Insignificant Images

The Sight Of Movement Gives Happiness

Dig Deep Where You Are

Don't Slip Off Elsewhere

Unbalance So As to Rebalance

Spoken By Tilda Swinton
Thursday, October 7, 2010

Free minds

We touch it, we don't feel it

We take a step, we don't go anywhere

We look beyond, we don't see it

We think, we are void

And still we stare as we care & dare

Tied & binded here in the unsafest of safe places


We whisper, we can hear one another

The white is so dark, the warmth is so cold

One transcends

Two pushes through

All open

We all go

We take a breath, we breath

We try, we climb

We sing whisper songs, note to note

Clasped hands hold us together

We now find, we discover our paths

We touch it, we feel it

We take a step , We move forward

We look beyond, We see, We go

We think, We blossom

With free minds

written by Alison Elizabeth
Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Strength Of Dreams

An ordinary beautiful lady:)

Her simple dream

Always the unseen pushing her away from her dream

Steeling herself as she does what she has to do

Little bits of her given away

Never surrendering her heart's desire

Time ticks on

Second chance presents itself

Her chance has arrived, breathless anticipation

What she untreasures had all been destroyed

She will not find her pleasure here now

Now steeling her resolve

It is clear

She will start here

From her unsurrendered heart she will begin again

written by Alison Elizabeth

Monday, October 4, 2010

Four Minutes Of Luxurious Glamorous Heaven!

Lose yourself as you are left breathless watching this video. From the Spring/Summer 2011 Georges Chakra fashion show during this past New York Fashion Week. Gorgeous! Shimmery! Divine!

Have we glimpsed our wardrode in heaven?

Imagine where you are, who you are with. All the parties to be seen in. Daydream your winter away creating your own story wearing your favourite Edition by Georges Chakra gown. It is all about your fantasies!

That Perfect Tunic!

Sometimes I sigh when I think about the "fit me like a glove tunic" I found in Milano. The tunic reflecting my style and spirit. The tunic I didn't want to take off. The tunic I wanted to buy and cut the tags off and wear out of the store. Oh That Perfect Tunic!

Now while I moan and groan about not buying that tunic, I am also thinking of a book I came across about fashion and luxury. I don't even know why I put it down and didn't buy it especially since the price of it was at least 50 times less expensive than That Perfect Tunic!

I want to buy this book read it. Then write a post about it, the only thing my brain is not helping me out!

Was I looking at it in Monteray, London or at Chapters here in Montreal? Don't know.

I have a very fuzzy sense it may be "Louis Vuitton: The Birth Of Modern Luxury" One would think I would remember a book like that. But no, I think because I was lame and didn't just buy the book my reward for my stupidity is my brain not being able to function in a smart manner allowing my memory to do its job and engage in memory recall.

Do you think "That Perfect Tunic!", had some magical powers I hadn't picked up on. Did she really wanted to come home with me? Was she mad at me because I walked away and left her in the store for another to enjoy? Did "That Perfect Tunic!" seek a little revenge and said " I"ll get you, one day. You will really need to remember something but Oh Well, haha, you will not be able to!" ?

I guess that is the price I have to pay for walking away and not buying..........

That Perfect Tunic!

Written by Alison Elizabeth
Sunday, October 3, 2010

"But in the world based in fantasy, nothing comes that quickly and easily without a catch" Sara Ziff

I most definately want to see this. It better come to Montreal.

Inspite of how excited I am to see this, I believe this will be a hard documentary to watch. Most likely my current opinions of the way things are, will be different after I watch this.

Sara Ziff & her partner Ole Schell co-direct this documentary pulling back the curtain of the runways, fashion shoots & the travels of models entrenched and swept up in the fantasy & glitz of the fashion industry. Not only does she document her own path and her rise within the industry but also the paths of others she works with. Sara has a higher purpose and is on a mission.

"Being treated like a robot and not a human being" this quote is from the trailer. Said by a young model. It seems highly likely one will have a very different impression after watching this documentary. I can imagine myself enthralled in the glitter and the flash. Caught up in Sara's excitement as she sets out with the whole world ahead of her fresh and untainted. Then I am sure my heart will sink as the realities are unveiled:(

Still I can't wait and I have this at the top of my must see list.

Give Away

Give Away
With Love From Me


Yes there is a lot of polishing that needs to be done here!

Admited! Guilty As Charged!

Looking At It Another Way. We Are Bravely Starting At
The Very Beginning. An Idea With No Real End In Sight.

Together We Can All Strive To Be Stratospherically Superb.

There Is A Blurry Focus But Don't Worry It Will Fun!

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