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Voila! Don't Be Afraid Of Thieves Boutique Toronto

Ladies & Gentleman......

On my recent trip to Toronto on an exploration/romantic walk with my marvelous husband, we discovered this great boutique on Queen ST West called Thieves Boutique (1156 Queen W.)

Well, Ok, I will confess, I was really in a shopping mood. Though at this point in time, it was the end of my trip and well, let's say my wallet was leading me around and had done gone and emptied itself of all my cash! Of course I have no regrets over what I had found, but I hadn't found this "make me want to shout n shop" boutique sooner in my trip.

Wait till you all discover this great Canadian Eco Fashion Designer, Sonja den elzen. This talented woman honestly delivers being a eco conscious driven designer while at the same time creating the most versatile and wearable garments a person could include in their wardrobes.

I know you are all going to love her creations, her style and will put a visit to her store at the top of your list. Actually it must be at the top and the first boutique you visit! Otherwise your free wheeling wallet may constrict the shopping fun you can have here.

I don't believe you will find higher quality and greater value than here. Sonja's designs are so well designed, crafted and tailored people will think you are wearing haute couture. The lines are clean and a person can stylize her garments to work with many looks suitable for many different functions and day to day activities.


Sonja began designing Thieves in 2006.

Since then, she has participated and been invited to Toronto’s inaugural Green Living Show; Fashion Takes Action, profiled during Toronto’s Fashion Week; Seattle’s first Green Fashion Week;
Fashion Footprints: Sustainable Approaches exhibition to Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World (CCANW) in Exeter, UK.

Was a finalist in the Elle Magazine and Toronto Fashion Incubator New Labels Competition.

Has shown at Toronto Fashion Week; Montreal Fashion Week & New York Fashion Week.

As well as receiving great press coverage from Elle Canada and Flare here in Canada and notably naming Thieves one the top 10 Eco designers!

Quite the list I would say!

I also was very lucky as she did come into the boutique while I was there and she very graciously said she wouldn't be opposed to me doing a piece on her, her label and her boutique for my blog.

But really lucky to you folks my lovely readers because you  are about to discover your new favourite designer!

1. I think it is very smart to have a boutique to sell your sleek & beautiful designs. Did you open the boutique at the same time as you began creating your label?

No I opened the boutique 2 years after I started the line.

2. What has been the biggest benefit to owning your boutique?

It is wonderful to meet the customers in person, I have the opportunity to see how different body types look in the clothing and work with that. It is a great experience to see someone in the designs and they look and feel good.

3. Do you sell your line outside of Toronto and Canada?

Currently I sell to a few boutiques in Canada and then directly to customers world wide through my online shop

4. How long did it take to acquire accounts outside of Toronto?

It's not that it takes long, you just have to be able to make sales trips or have an appropriate sales rep.

5. In terms of your inspiration and how you go from idea to a garment hanging here in the store. Do you start with a piece of fabric and then design a garment from what you envision or do you sketch first and then decide on the fabric you want? Or are ideas always popping up in your head and you have your sketch book with you always?

I usually have an idea come into my head, then I sketch it and figure out what fabric would be best suited, sometimes the fabrics choice comes at the same time as the design idea. I usually try to have something on me to sketch in in case an idea comes to me. My ideas often come when I am going to sleep or waking up, so I keep a sketchbook by my bedside.

6. From the inception of Thieves, to now, are you finding it easier to source the eco - friendly sustainable fabrics you use?

Sometimes it is easier and sometimes its harder, some great suppliers have closed down, and new ones have come forward, so I am always on the hunt.

7. Does the availability of the fabric play a big factor in what you design for each collection?

Yes fabric plays an important factor, i also tend to like to use very high quality sustainable fabrics.

8. If yes, are you finding yourself inspired to create a wider range of garments for each season's collection?

I generally do create a wide range of garments each season, so along with the special high end pieces, I try to make sure there are more accessible basics with my own twist.

9. I love how your clothes can fit into a high end fashion devotee's closet to a busy man or woman on the run's closet . Are you finding yourself surprised at how many and/or the range of diverse looks your clientele create for themselves from the items in your collections?

Yes and I have also been surprised and pleased at the diverse range of my clientele in general.

10. When you are out on the street or at a restaurant and you see someone wearing your clothes, can you describe what that is like for you?

I love to see someone out and wearing the clothing it is wonderful.

11. With all the challenges and hurdles facing any business, what brings you the most happiness and satisfaction with the path you have chosen for yourself and courageous choice you have made being completely committed to creating a label using only eco friendly fabrics?

Being able to provide people with a stylish option in the realm of eco fashion, that it can be style first and still be conscious.

12. One thing to leave with our readers and to have a little fun with. What is the one item in your current collection that you think is a must have for every one's wardrobe?

Well, for the women it has definitely been the 5 in 1 dress, which actually can be worn more then 10 ways, they are easy to travel with, can be casual or dressy, can be a couple of tops or multiple dresses. and for the men it would have to be the trench that goes a long way!

Photo Images: Guilio Muratori

That's Frozen XD!

And here is some More  That's Frozen XD!

I just checked my email and well low and behold what did I find in my inbox.
The best kind of announcement a lady can get....... A sale.....

What great timing ! Have fun shopping at Thieves Boutique, I know I will!

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Cafe Fashionista said...

Great interview! J'adore the aesthetic of this shop!! :)

erin said...

take a look at the azalea dress... adorable!

Alice Olive said...

Love the design of this boutique, too. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Very nice clothes and multi functional and eco conscious...!! I've also though of keeping a notepad by my bedside, love how ideas flow there. Great interviews :)

Ninjagaiden78 said...

This boutique looks great. Support your local retailer and indie business.

Larissa said...

Oh wow! amazing little boutique! I don't think I've seen it before. I'm definitely gonna check it out when I'm in town next!
Thanks for dropping by my love! Your comment warms my heart!

chrischaos said...

great post! its real informative :D

Beatlovingmusic said...

Looks very nice!

Rania said...

It looks interesting,I'll check it out for sure!!
Liked the interview you've taken,very nice!!

oomph. said...

i just love the look of the store! great things on the site - there's a leather jacket i like.

Styles 'n Cream said...

I like the vibe and atmosphere of this boutique

johanna said...

PERFECT! Great job

Miki's scrapbook said...

This was interesting to read. I'd love to visit the store one day :).

Thanks for your sweet words :). I'll go check your giveaway right now! Hope you're having a great day!


Glamour Bbey. said...

How are you? Your blog is great! I'm glad that I've visited yours.

Please, check mine, & maybe we can follow eachother? + join my giveaway!

Thanks and love,
Cindy from

Anonymous said...

WOW brilliant find, I definitely have to check her shop out the next time I am in the area.

Look forward to hearing from you


Tashrin from Toronto, Canada

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