Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Masscob Autumn-Winter 2010-2011

Masscob Autumn-Winter 2010-2011 from be-poles on Vimeo.


The memories of short lived loves pulled through time by loves devoted loyalty.
Unmended hearts torn apart again and again.
Monday, November 29, 2010

Casual Profanity Fluid Dress- Charlie Bucket

Fluid Dress from Charlie Bucket on Vimeo.


Found Beating

Almost alive

Beads dripping

Teardrops slide

Lights shine

Eager to arrive

So you sigh

Yet my Heart


Almost alive

Written by Alison Elizabeth
Sunday, November 28, 2010

Strands Of Lustrous Pearls of Wisdom by Mr. Karl Lagerfeld - The Luxury Channel




As we go ahead with our lives for our todays and our tomorrows - words of wisdom from Karl Lagerfeld.

Find our places, make our places, create our places, in this place and time we all have our own unique voices and visions.

Yes these words have been said before. Said in different ways by different  people for different generations and for different reasons.  None the less Mr Karl Lagerfeld's words here are our very own strands of lustrous pearls of wisdom, said for us all to wear as we wish.

What spoke to me and my heart was what Mr. Lagerfeld said right off the bat

"I mean that somebody in a job like mine or a journalist like Mr Minkus who  are in this kind of business for a few years, to be nice to ourselves"

Yes, how charming at times not easy but so very important. So let's be  nice to ourselves:)

"If you think it was better more interesting than before  - no
it is us up to adjust to our times and the minute you think the past was better, your present is second hand and yourself becomes vintage. It's ok for clothes, It is not that great for people"

Yes, it is our own personal responsiblity. Be here, be present and be interested in our own lives. Regardless of what set of circumstances one faces. So let's be great people of interest.)

I found this interview and Mr. Lagerfeld's philosphies and unanswered questions surrounding life and luxury pertinent.  Universally easy for all of us to apply in these times. Anyone may choose to wear these strands of lustrous pearls of wisdom unlike certain unattainable luxuries this world offers to only the few who can afford them.

Let me now leave you in the hands of Coco Chanel

"Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury" Coco Chanel

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Voila! Disappear

An apparent disappearance! Oui, Non? Yes,  No?

7 days without a post, like a ghost I seem to have disappeared.
Many things seem a certain way, many things unseen are always at work.

How our worlds unfold around us, is always unexplainable. How everything we do is cloaked in
fashion, one style or another. It all fits together.

Surrounded by writers, musicians, artists,painters, designers is the fabric of all our worlds. So really, one has no need to fret. All week I was fretting as I had to attend to various demands which prevented me from posting the blogs I have been working on. Life is like that. 

Then without warning - a spark. I decided I wanted to post this video. A creative piece I had seen this past summer when an poet and artist my husband works with shared what was created as a result of a poem and a piece of music he created with his group Pharmakon MTL. Last evening he had his CD release for his most recent collection of music and poetry. On our way to the show I remember this video and knew I must blog it!

Of course he performed the piece at his show and I was stuck with amazement and with surprise when I realized that the actual title of this piece is "Disappearance". I was in awe and in reverence at the ethereal  connectivity. Possibly, how maybe it was meant for me to not post until my path crossed and arrived where I found myself last night. To be touched by the lives and connected creations of all who made an evening of quiet whispers, music & dance come alive.

How even our own creations,  our works of art, our blog posts  are all touched and born from both  the seen and unseen. The spoken and unspoken. The veiled and the unveiled.  The light dark.

Viola! The Disappearance!
Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cloak My Beauty-Musings Inspired By Jean Paul Gaultier

Cloak my beauty

Behind Boudoir Bolts
Three faces define my masks
Drape my sheer daring

Hither to me
Caress me

Slitted Sashsay Spells
Let mirrors lustre peek behind
Wrap my bows knots

Hold me
Command me

Cloak my beauty

Writen by Alison Elizabeth
Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lykke Li - Get Some

Thanks to the great blog "The Debonaire" for keeping me up to date. Everyone should check out her blog!
It is stratospherically superb!

I love this girl!  I can't wait for 2011 and for her new album to be released. Then she will touring! Then I will get to see her live again!

Exciting! I get so excited I can't think properly!

My brain gets so happy, I am sure every synapse in there is firing 100 times faster than normal. Sometimes I can't even put two words together because of the frienzy in my brain. When something I love really gets me tingling all over, well let's say I provide a laugh or two for my friends n family when they witness this state!

"That's Frozen"
Monday, November 15, 2010

Enchanted Fairy Tale Dreams- Fashion Tutorial

Sitting with a rich cup of dark tea, ideally steeped.  Warm smooth and delightful. Sunshine beams fill my home as precious sunny days are fading. Soon to be reawakened as frosty snowy chilly days. A morning to linger,  lounge and bask in this little gift from nature.

How I came to be inspired to bake up a batch of sour cherry scones this morning is beyond me? How an almost perfect morning presented itself to inspire a moment of self indulgence? How I discovered this enchanted video minutes after I sat down to enjoy a cup of tea and a warm scone with devonshire cream before I headed out to enjoy my warm sunny day? How I found a little distraction drawing my attention to this video? A most unexpected spark, yes? How my imagination took me back to being a little girl, lost in her fairtale day dreams, a world of never ending dress up? All of my questions of how, cannot be answered. How this all came to be? I believe it is not important, it simply all came to be.

Watch & listen to the pretty music. Enjoy learning about the roots and history of fashion as you are guided through this period, The Georgian Era 1700- 1780.  With pretty beautiful elaborate dresses inspiring many little girls' fairy tale dreams.

Like Alice Through The Looking Glass, you well be mesmorized, enchanted and lost within your own fairy tale dream.

Don't be late!

Written by Alison Elizabeth
Sunday, November 14, 2010

Yeahyeahyeahyeahyeahyeah Yeeeah o o OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


Walk your own catwalk every moment! 

The Glory of your own individuality and fashion style! Own it!

Can you hold that last note as long as he can?


siete favolosa- you're fabulous
vivacita- brillance, liveliness, vividness

Friday, November 12, 2010

OK, This Is Just Wrong!

Tsk Tsk Tsk, this shall remain unnamed store should know better than this.
I love window shopping and I love really great imaginative creative windows
This broke my fashion loving heart:(
Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fabric Tutorial-Brought to you by International Corduroy Appreciation Day 11/11/2010

Yes darlings! Today is International Corduroy Appreciation Day!

Corduroy Blazer anyone?
Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Romantique, ethnique, historique and a little more - Yves Jean Lacasse

This morning, I came across this video profile on a established Haute Coute designer from Montreal. Yves Jean Lacasse. http://www.yvesjeanlacasse.com/en/

I absolutely must share this. I became enchanted as I watched the video.

Have a little peek into the Atelier of  a skilled & talented designer.  Dedicated to applying his  inherited craftsmanship with historical and romantic touches to his exquiste Couture designs. How he uses his understanding and intrepretations from the many cultures in our world to push his own creativity. As well as other little nice things.

In addition, Yves Jean Lacasse is building on his heritage & experience to create a pret-a-porter line to serve a new customer without alienating his current loyal Couture clientelle

I apologize to my english readers as it is in french. Currently, I  am learning to speak and understand french as I am a very anglo transplant to this really great city.  Which oddly enough was what led me to learn about this great Montreal designer.

Romantique, ethnique, historique | Mode Montréal

Don't worry when you go this link, there are english subtitles. I watched it over n over n over n over without the english subtitles. Trying to see how much my french comprehension is improving.....
*Note* I discovered  english subtitles when I tested the link and watched the video again!   Of course life is like that isn't it! Discovering Yves Jean Lacasse while I was seeking to do what I can to improve  my french is a very delightful way to help me emerge myself into the heartbeat of my new city.

Regardless of fully understanding what he is saying. We all can watch, we can all dream of having our own unique custom dress or suit made to fit us perfectly. Meeting with our designer of choice, enjoying our visit with the designer in his Atelier during all stages. Seeing the sketches for the first time, seeing the garment on the mannequin, out first fitting.

Then before long and what seemed like for ever ........ The Final Fitting!

I couldn't help but watch over n over Yves Jean Lacasse cutting the fabric and pinning his design together. It was so graceful.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Blushing Red Are We!

Blushing Red Are We?

I think not!

Those Red Shoes, Red Suits & Red Lips!

This new commercial for Virgin Atlantic.......

That's Frozen! Oh yes! Oh yes!

Seductive,  slinky , a tantalazing striptease vibe

Snippets inspiring smiles

A little shimmy in the body scan! Shall We?

Manly Fork Pole Dancing! Uh hum! Oh yes there is, go watch the commercial again:)

Served with an olive and sexy ssssssssssh's!

So much to entice and delight us in this little commercial.

So Tongue n Cheek, Wink! Wink! & Smashingly Sexy!

When I travel I make sure I fly looking fashionable. I believe after discovering this little gem, clearly the bar has been raised. This is the way I want my trip to start off. Footloose n fanciful. From car to plane to when I land, this is what I want a stylish groovy wrinkle free flight!

Flights of Fanciful Red! It was the red that caught my eye but when I started to watch it ........
I was already in my dream world letting myself be carried away! I can't help smile slyly plotting
of surprising my husband with lots of red hot............

Blushing Red Are We!
Monday, November 8, 2010

Pondering Plaid

On Saturday evening, a friend and I were invited  to enjoy an evening of food & friendship with a mutual friend at her home.  To savour a lovely casual sit down dinner on a clear November evening before the insanity of the busiest time of the year arrives.  We had a nice n toasty cosy visit plus I do believe we were served the most delicious  Osso Bucco I have even eaten!

My friend Mylene is a beautiful french woman.  She has the "je ne sais quoi" that self possessed french woman seem to exude and embody.  I absolutely loved the outfit she was wearing. It suited her so well
mirroring her own sense of style and charm. Plus I love plaid though I avoid wearing plaid because
I believe it is too young for me and never seems to work on me. On Mylene, it doesn't seem wrong. Not in the least bit. On me fashion disaster!

 Pink plaid skirt paired with a soft cashmere sweater in grey and a vibrant lilac n fuschia silk scarf worn with a really great pair of Ralph Lauren kitten heels. I was plaid with envy!

Yes, I was plaid with envy!

That got me thinking...... Hmmmm well maybe I could wear plaid..... maybe?
To be completely honest I really didn't think or don't think I can. But I am going to try and see if I can find a truly great for me garment and wear  me some plaid. Can I find a few pieces for my wardrobe reflecting my style and not leave me feeling and thinking " Good Lord! yep I am mutton dressed as lamb, what on earth are you thinking!"?

Yep, I think I can! I think I can do this, I will continue to ponder plaid until I do.

So like the squirrels who are very busy scurring around these days I have been scurring and scouring the internet to see if I can find a plaid option or two just for me and go from there.

I am not sure though I think I am on the right track.

My snooping has lead me to discover a boutique in St. Henry called Perfide. It is located at 4217 rue Notre-Dame O., Montreal. I see it is not open on Mondays, otherwise I would have myself prancing on over there this afternoon.

I came across these images on the website for a local media production company. No idea how n why I was looking on this site for articles of clothing made of plaid but well somehow I was.

I spotted these sweaters and the top two are well not exactly plaid but they are plaid inspired. I think maybe I could wear a sweater such as these two....... I do have to get myself over there! I must!

I am happy to say I am excited to pondering plaid and to see where this is going to lead me!
Friday, November 5, 2010

Kapok. Are We About To Discover A Great New Retailer?

Kapok Montreal from Thomas Pison on Vimeo.

Honestly, I don't know how I happened upon this but I am so glad I did!

Looks like this weekend I get to go out on a little escapade! Oh goodie! Oh goodie!

I found this short film promoting a new store here in Montreal. Kapok the aformentioned store.


What I have discovered so far. Kapok is based and originated in Hong Kong. Founded by a French gentleman who settled in Hong Kong. He started the store as an antidote against the boredom found in the shopping malls.

Obviously, he is finding success as he has since moved from the original location and now has 3 locations in our lovely & messed up world we all share. I can't seem to be able to find where the 3rd one is. But I do promise you, I will track down where that one is.

I have given myself an assignment to find out way more about this intriguing boutique and to share what I discover:)

I am looking forward to scooting myself over to this store to discover what looks to be
one pretty damn boutique!

I believe I may have discovered our Eugene Choo here in Montreal ...... Ok I am worried I may have said some sacrilegious here.........

Based on watching this little short film and snooping on the website I believe we have found a great store to shop for My Poetic One. The man who can drive me insane when we shop because he is so picky and in my opinion unreasonable...... The man who I have vowed to love on good shopping days and on bad shopping days................

I do love this little vignette. It is the perfect urban awesome date for the couple who approach their lives unruffled, relaxed yet polished in that unpretentious way.

I can feel the wind & sun on me. I can smell that crisp fall air and feel Montreal's heartbeat.

Perfect isn't it?
Thursday, November 4, 2010

Storia d'Amore- For Lovers Who Dream

Storia d´amore from NEWNEW by Fashion Tale on Vimeo.

Two Enjoy

Two Moments

Two Passions

Two Steps

Two Amore

Two Faraway

written by Alison Elizabeth

Look At Her....... Just Great!

Photo Courtesy of Laura

This is a great photo of my friend Laura.
By the way, she is just great!

Look at her!

This how to mock the freezing temperatures of winter days!

Look at her blazing her way through her day!

Winter is a walk in the park for my great friend Laura!

Yes, summer sun brings subdued graceful ways of carrying ourselves through
lazy, hazy summerdays. But, winter sun brings robust rosy cheeks and a take no prisoners style
when we dress to face the polar chill of winter.

My great friend pulled together one great look that most definately keeps her warm while looking great!

The Coat!  The Coat! The Coat!
The Sunglasses!
The 2 Coloured Cashmere Scarves!
The Gloves!
The Light Tan Sweater!
The Black Leggings!
The Coat! The Coat! The Coat!

Oh yes I mentioned the coat:)

That's Frozen!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ok, This Is Just Wrong!

OH, This is just wrong for so many reasons!
That is all I have to say on this!
I am pleading the Fashion Fifth!
Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Memory Tree - Short Film by Mike Kobal

memory tree: Canon 5D, 50mm 1.2 from Mike Kobal on Vimeo.

Grey Bleak Dark

I Come

Beauty Undaunted

The Felt of Nature

Feels Me

I Kiss My Lips

With Wind

Backwards Against

Weak Wills

Earth Fallen Butterfies

Draping My Heart

In Wooden Lilt

written by Alison Elizabeth

Don't Throw Out Your Old Records!

Just Clever & Silly!

That's Frozen!
Monday, November 1, 2010

"Oh" "Oh" "Oh"" Excited!

Once again my husband dragged me into one our local Multi Mags stores found here in Montreal.

Once again I was pouting, whining and being a real drag!

The thing is, my husband is addicted to magazines and spends hours on end poking through great magazines from all over the world. I don't begrudge him his pleasure though I don't want to be around while he is questing for his next great find.... I know I know.  Bad wife!

I am in the store being grumpy when

 "OH! Now wait,  what is this?"

"Oh" "Oh" "Oh"" Excited!

My eyes getted glued to this little gem of a book. Atlas of Fashion Designers by Laura Eceiza.

A nice heavy book delving and showcasing over 60 designers from all over the world who are expanding fashion beyond the major centres.  As well, we will find some of the leading figures  & icons in the world of Haute Couture who are pushing their designs and houses to stay one step ahead.

I am about to get myself all draped up in this book today! I can't wait to discover some of the talents who are bringing fresh, stylish designs to our fashion boutiques around the world! I will share some of my gems as I go along. Oh I can't wait!

"Oh" "Oh" "Oh"" Excited!

Another must buy and a very happy wife! I guess being dragged to Multi Mags by my hubby isn't quite so bad after all:)

Give Away

Give Away
With Love From Me


Yes there is a lot of polishing that needs to be done here!

Admited! Guilty As Charged!

Looking At It Another Way. We Are Bravely Starting At
The Very Beginning. An Idea With No Real End In Sight.

Together We Can All Strive To Be Stratospherically Superb.

There Is A Blurry Focus But Don't Worry It Will Fun!

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