Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Watch Out Mother Nature! Meet Your Greatest Adversary: Hot Freezing Fashion!

Ta Da!

Setting out to show how fashion is far from a fleeting whimsy for those who are vain and vapid. It takes smarts, guts and courage to embrace living fashionably while winter ice, snow and a frostbit north wind underestimates us, seemingly, frivolous fashion conscious devotees. She thinks she taunts us and drives us to forgo style to endure her winter frost.  Thinking we will stay tucked inside when she slaps our double pane windows with her tear creating wind.

Listen Up Mother Nature:

Hot Freezing Fashion Devotees are stepping up and out.

That's Frozen!


Give Away

Give Away
With Love From Me


Yes there is a lot of polishing that needs to be done here!

Admited! Guilty As Charged!

Looking At It Another Way. We Are Bravely Starting At
The Very Beginning. An Idea With No Real End In Sight.

Together We Can All Strive To Be Stratospherically Superb.

There Is A Blurry Focus But Don't Worry It Will Fun!

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