Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Faking Perfection Wasn't Worth The Wait!" Jeffree Star

Discovered this "damn it I hate it! That's Frozen! Well I will absolutely have to play this over n over n over n over n over!" music video today. I must share the joy of this pop culture gem.

Love Jeffree"s smile at 1:50 in the video!

In my humble Opinion (God I wrote it out like old school days), this man is really a brave soul. Am gushing and lovling this, I may be getting silly. I have been obsessively finding out all I can about Jeffree. Give me more more more! EXCITED. He is coming to Montreal Dec 2. Going to be there!

Jeffree, the little rascal, was getting himself into the right places when he was just a youngster. Look where it has led him. What a bad boy to be using fake id to get himself into Hollywood clubs! Now I say, what a brave boy! I am sure by the time Jeffree had started stepping out, he was well on his way to crafting daring gorgeous looks with make up and expressing himself with a "Now whose that?" outfit. Bringing the fun & brighting our days. Even if I wasn't there to see him out and about those days n nights were brighter because of Jeffree. If I were there at the time and seen him I am sure I would have wanted to be his friend and would have thought to myself "This guy's got it and he makes it look so easy to pull off" I would have admired his courage and the committed style. This man has lots on the go. I am glad he has come this far to where he isn't Faking His Perfection. He is Perfection!

I must find out what lipstick he is using in this video!

God That's Frozen!

Play this over n over n over n over n over n over!


Anonymous said...

wow.. i'll be there!

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