Sunday, October 3, 2010

"But in the world based in fantasy, nothing comes that quickly and easily without a catch" Sara Ziff

I most definately want to see this. It better come to Montreal.

Inspite of how excited I am to see this, I believe this will be a hard documentary to watch. Most likely my current opinions of the way things are, will be different after I watch this.

Sara Ziff & her partner Ole Schell co-direct this documentary pulling back the curtain of the runways, fashion shoots & the travels of models entrenched and swept up in the fantasy & glitz of the fashion industry. Not only does she document her own path and her rise within the industry but also the paths of others she works with. Sara has a higher purpose and is on a mission.

"Being treated like a robot and not a human being" this quote is from the trailer. Said by a young model. It seems highly likely one will have a very different impression after watching this documentary. I can imagine myself enthralled in the glitter and the flash. Caught up in Sara's excitement as she sets out with the whole world ahead of her fresh and untainted. Then I am sure my heart will sink as the realities are unveiled:(

Still I can't wait and I have this at the top of my must see list.


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