Friday, December 17, 2010

Seen In Toronto By Moi!

   Taking in a  Toronto Friday: A Sharp City Living It Up

 Beginning with a visit with my fabulous friend Laura. Lunch & shopping at Holt Renfrew on Bloor!
                                                 For More On Laura See The Post-

             Ending the day attending a great show with  happy go lucky tongue in cheek Toronto band
                                   "The Wheel Wells" as they were making people feel great!

Glorious Glittering Gorgeous
Green Boots! on.............
                                                                 Also Found In Toronto!
                       Men Who Boldy........Wear Mustaches!

Bittersweet Farewell Hugs:)


Chelsea Lane said...

oh my goodness, mustache guy cracks me up! LOVE the faux fur vest, this is so so cute!


Cafe Fashionista said...

Ah, you and your friends are so incredibly glamorous! What a fabulous way to spend a Friday!! :)

A La Mode et Plus! said...

I adore your outfit :)

erin said...

wish we had Holt here!
looks like you two had a blast :)

and ya, i want that vest... aaaah!

johanna said...


Claudia Paola. said...

I love your fur vest! I have a bit of an obsession with fur, now! I bought a fur H&M scarf, and I wear it with everything!

*Claudia* x
Molto ❤ Fashion

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

I am in love with that fur vest! I have been in need of one of those! And the picture of that guy w/ the mustache is very hilarious. haha. :D
Seems like a fun night!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Danielle said...

Hi : )
Beautiful blog!
nice post.

so lovely ♥

Lady Lipstick said...

Awwww how fun!!!!! I have never been to Toronto but would LOVE to go!!!


SARAH said...

C'est tp beau!! je me permet de te faire decouvrir mon blog mode:

Anonymous said...

Looks like a glam day!! I love the hat...the vest...the green boots, the sparkly rabbit shirt! lol gimme!

Kristin said...

Lovin' the faux fur vest! SO cute!

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