Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Blushing Red Are We!

Blushing Red Are We?

I think not!

Those Red Shoes, Red Suits & Red Lips!

This new commercial for Virgin Atlantic.......

That's Frozen! Oh yes! Oh yes!

Seductive,  slinky , a tantalazing striptease vibe

Snippets inspiring smiles

A little shimmy in the body scan! Shall We?

Manly Fork Pole Dancing! Uh hum! Oh yes there is, go watch the commercial again:)

Served with an olive and sexy ssssssssssh's!

So much to entice and delight us in this little commercial.

So Tongue n Cheek, Wink! Wink! & Smashingly Sexy!

When I travel I make sure I fly looking fashionable. I believe after discovering this little gem, clearly the bar has been raised. This is the way I want my trip to start off. Footloose n fanciful. From car to plane to when I land, this is what I want a stylish groovy wrinkle free flight!

Flights of Fanciful Red! It was the red that caught my eye but when I started to watch it ........
I was already in my dream world letting myself be carried away! I can't help smile slyly plotting
of surprising my husband with lots of red hot............

Blushing Red Are We!


Anonymous said...

That must be the sexiest airline commercial out there, makes flying look so glamorous! You've inspired me I really must fly in style from now on. No more grubbies for me!!

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