Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Romantique, ethnique, historique and a little more - Yves Jean Lacasse

This morning, I came across this video profile on a established Haute Coute designer from Montreal. Yves Jean Lacasse.

I absolutely must share this. I became enchanted as I watched the video.

Have a little peek into the Atelier of  a skilled & talented designer.  Dedicated to applying his  inherited craftsmanship with historical and romantic touches to his exquiste Couture designs. How he uses his understanding and intrepretations from the many cultures in our world to push his own creativity. As well as other little nice things.

In addition, Yves Jean Lacasse is building on his heritage & experience to create a pret-a-porter line to serve a new customer without alienating his current loyal Couture clientelle

I apologize to my english readers as it is in french. Currently, I  am learning to speak and understand french as I am a very anglo transplant to this really great city.  Which oddly enough was what led me to learn about this great Montreal designer.

Romantique, ethnique, historique | Mode Montréal

Don't worry when you go this link, there are english subtitles. I watched it over n over n over n over without the english subtitles. Trying to see how much my french comprehension is improving.....
*Note* I discovered  english subtitles when I tested the link and watched the video again!   Of course life is like that isn't it! Discovering Yves Jean Lacasse while I was seeking to do what I can to improve  my french is a very delightful way to help me emerge myself into the heartbeat of my new city.

Regardless of fully understanding what he is saying. We all can watch, we can all dream of having our own unique custom dress or suit made to fit us perfectly. Meeting with our designer of choice, enjoying our visit with the designer in his Atelier during all stages. Seeing the sketches for the first time, seeing the garment on the mannequin, out first fitting.

Then before long and what seemed like for ever ........ The Final Fitting!

I couldn't help but watch over n over Yves Jean Lacasse cutting the fabric and pinning his design together. It was so graceful.



Anonymous said...

This post has me wanting to say purple is the new black! I really like the touches of purple...very enchanting.

Ninjagaiden78 said...

Canada looks cool. I am going to have to visit.

Frozen Fashion said...

Ninjagaiden, It is very cool and Montreal is the coolest so I do suggest Montreal!

Anonymous, I found all of Yves Jean Lacasse's designs very enchanting and the purple is the perfect touch!

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