Monday, November 15, 2010

Enchanted Fairy Tale Dreams- Fashion Tutorial

Sitting with a rich cup of dark tea, ideally steeped.  Warm smooth and delightful. Sunshine beams fill my home as precious sunny days are fading. Soon to be reawakened as frosty snowy chilly days. A morning to linger,  lounge and bask in this little gift from nature.

How I came to be inspired to bake up a batch of sour cherry scones this morning is beyond me? How an almost perfect morning presented itself to inspire a moment of self indulgence? How I discovered this enchanted video minutes after I sat down to enjoy a cup of tea and a warm scone with devonshire cream before I headed out to enjoy my warm sunny day? How I found a little distraction drawing my attention to this video? A most unexpected spark, yes? How my imagination took me back to being a little girl, lost in her fairtale day dreams, a world of never ending dress up? All of my questions of how, cannot be answered. How this all came to be? I believe it is not important, it simply all came to be.

Watch & listen to the pretty music. Enjoy learning about the roots and history of fashion as you are guided through this period, The Georgian Era 1700- 1780.  With pretty beautiful elaborate dresses inspiring many little girls' fairy tale dreams.

Like Alice Through The Looking Glass, you well be mesmorized, enchanted and lost within your own fairy tale dream.

Don't be late!

Written by Alison Elizabeth


burcu d. said...

great inspirations!

Chelsea Lane said...

thanks for the comment! yes, I find blogging to be super fun + addicting, haha :) love this post! its so calm and soothing!


Anonymous said...

mmmm sour cherry scones.
Sounds like an amazing morning. Great dresses too, and shoes. Would love to dress up like that for a ball!

Style Maniac said...

such a lovely morning. those clothes are incredible. do you know if there are still photos of these pieces?

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