Monday, November 1, 2010

"Oh" "Oh" "Oh"" Excited!

Once again my husband dragged me into one our local Multi Mags stores found here in Montreal.

Once again I was pouting, whining and being a real drag!

The thing is, my husband is addicted to magazines and spends hours on end poking through great magazines from all over the world. I don't begrudge him his pleasure though I don't want to be around while he is questing for his next great find.... I know I know.  Bad wife!

I am in the store being grumpy when

 "OH! Now wait,  what is this?"

"Oh" "Oh" "Oh"" Excited!

My eyes getted glued to this little gem of a book. Atlas of Fashion Designers by Laura Eceiza.

A nice heavy book delving and showcasing over 60 designers from all over the world who are expanding fashion beyond the major centres.  As well, we will find some of the leading figures  & icons in the world of Haute Couture who are pushing their designs and houses to stay one step ahead.

I am about to get myself all draped up in this book today! I can't wait to discover some of the talents who are bringing fresh, stylish designs to our fashion boutiques around the world! I will share some of my gems as I go along. Oh I can't wait!

"Oh" "Oh" "Oh"" Excited!

Another must buy and a very happy wife! I guess being dragged to Multi Mags by my hubby isn't quite so bad after all:)


Anonymous said...

If this was facebook I would "Like" this very much!!! I wanna check that book out!

Frozen Fashion said...

You should I am thoroughly enjoying it!

Style Maniac said...

Oh to have a place like that with magazines and magazines! Like your husband, I am a mag junkie--although more and more I get my fix from all the fabulous blogs out there.

Glad you found something to delight yourself, too.

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