Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Spiffy Pizzazy! Myco Anna!

Photo Images: Chrystian Paquet

Well if this won't help me skip along the street during the chilly days, I don't know what will! This is most definately a "That's Frozen!" item.

WOW  WOW Gotta Have!
And well, lucky me, this past weekend I skipped my butt to the La Grande Braderie De Mode De Quebecoise. A very fine shopping event. Established in 1994, this twice a year serious shopping event/pilgrimage has been drawing us fashion loving shoppers like moths to a flame. 

Being a newish resident to Montreal, this moth was most definitely drawn to this event. In fact, I went 2 days. Friday afternoon & Saturday morning! There was so much to discover and try on; I was only able to  do 2 floors over 4 hours on Friday. My head was starting to spin, I had to stop and come back the next day.

On the sunny Saturday morning, rested and energized for my brand new day of shopping. I arrived at the Marche Bonsecours in Old Montreal ready to find my new treasures.

Well, within minutes, I found myself at the sunny booth for Myco Anna's collection of last season's warm and just plain ole Spiffy Pizzazy dresses, sweaters, slacks, hat, scarves & best of all - smart clever designs that will lift your spirits when tackling the misery winter delivers. I dare one to wear a Myco Anna design and not feel happy and have a smile on your face! I dare you!

It was no wonder her booth area was packed with shoppers and admirers. There was so much Fab!

I was poking along the racks. Poke  Poke Poke loving this and loving that then........... 

OH! OH! OH! What is this!

Hmmmmm I spotted what looked like a rack of sweaters with great bell sleeves. I just love bell sleeves! And on a sweater even better as I am not too keen on a tight sleeve.

"Oh what is this?" "Why it is a poncho!" "Oh a little faux fur touch around the neck!" 
I could feel my heart starting to beat faster. 

"Oh I see, it is a poncho" but look the sleeves, you slip your arms in at the bottom sides of the poncho!" How clever is this! I have never seen such ingenuity!

I slip the poncho on over my head and of course I am klumsy so I fiddle with placing it on my shoulders just right. I easily slip my arms in the sleeves and Voila! Damn near perfection! I could feel how beyond great this was going look!

I turn and look in the mirror!  I swear when I saw myself it was the same impact as when I was shopping for my wedding dress and I "found the one". Really, this Poncho/Sweater was made for me!

WOW WOW Gotta Have! 

I was jumping out of my skin with excitement at what I had just found for myself. 

It didn't take long for me to purchase this. I can barely remember paying for it because I was in such a euphoric state I was forcing myself to do breathing exercises because I swear I was going to hyper ventilate with excitement.

Yes I am very silly! Silly with the love for fun, vibrant, statement pieces from great designers. Designers who bring a little extra to their garments! I get all silly with love when I find these treasures when I am shopping.

The Poncho Sweater I bought has a lighter colour palette. Whites, taupes, greens and even vibrant turquoise! Love Love Love! 

Love Love Love! so much I have worn it 3 days out of 4 since I bought it. When I have worn it, I have received a compliment or two everytime! 

Parusing the Myco Anna website I have spotted my new WOW WOW Gotta Have!'s

The Nostalgie Bolero & Cami &  Discipline Tunic with the Reve Sweater! And then there is the Cloche Hat! Oh I just love my  WOW WOW Gotta Have!'s

Thank you Myco Anna, for creating such a glorious garment!

 I left your booth skipping my way through the rest of my day!


That's Frozen!


Ralph Alfonso said...

The Poncho Sweater is pretty amazing.
I like it!!

Anonymous said...

Definitely sounds like quality stuff!! Glad you enjoyed!

Bonnie said...

ohemgee. This is fantastic!!! Sure to turn heads on the sidewalk. I adore it!

Frozen Fashion said...

Thanks Ralph, Anonymous & Bonnie.

I must agree with you Bonnie , when I wear this I feel so happy!

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