Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pizzaz & Sass

Images from Daftbird online catalogue Fall 2010 Collection

My First official personal quest purchase, an Olive Grey Scarf from Daftbird. Saw; instantly knew it was a "must buy" to make my quest of waltzing through winter 2010/20100 a warm & toasty reality. The "but" popped into my brain as fast as the "must buy". But am I scrificing my fashion flair here? But it is a jersey cotton scarf after all? Oh dear, I have a dilemma! Will this work? Will it do the job? Oo, I feel the realm of being practical. " have I boxed myself in?"

Ok well let me think on that for just a moment.

There will be some basic items imperative to this quest. You say they may not have the pizzazz( of course- matter of personal opinion) of say an Ostrich Feather Boa? Plus- the colour is a great colour - lending itself to working with dressier items, right? Really, is it such a big deal that it has a casual just thrown on vibe to it? Really? Really? Really?


Not if the the item in question has some sass. A garment or item with a little attitude to let you bring your personal pizzaz & sass to the look you have chosen for that particular frostbit freezing day!

This scarf has a lot of attitude, basic yes, yet the scarf adds an almost defiant air to your style & step when you wear it!

What adds that element of Pizzazz & Snazz?

As you see, the scarf is also a hood! The scarf is also nice and long! The ends of the scarf can be buttoned together!

Well you can wear this as many ways as your imagination can devise.
Drape it!
Twist it!
Hang it!
Hood up!
Hood down!
On its own!
With a sweater!
With a jacket!

I will be finding lots of ways to wear this! With a high degree of confidence I know I can say "this decision won't let me down as I face winter head on draped in my must buy Olive Grey Scarf by Daftbird"

"I can't wait"


Anonymous said...

I really really want this scarf!! Multipurpose clothes are grand, and this looks cute and unique.

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