Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Strength Of Dreams

An ordinary beautiful lady:)

Her simple dream

Always the unseen pushing her away from her dream

Steeling herself as she does what she has to do

Little bits of her given away

Never surrendering her heart's desire

Time ticks on

Second chance presents itself

Her chance has arrived, breathless anticipation

What she untreasures had all been destroyed

She will not find her pleasure here now

Now steeling her resolve

It is clear

She will start here

From her unsurrendered heart she will begin again

written by Alison Elizabeth


Anonymous said...

I loves Christina Hendricks. What a neat song...and a mini story to boot! :))

Give Away

Give Away
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Yes there is a lot of polishing that needs to be done here!

Admited! Guilty As Charged!

Looking At It Another Way. We Are Bravely Starting At
The Very Beginning. An Idea With No Real End In Sight.

Together We Can All Strive To Be Stratospherically Superb.

There Is A Blurry Focus But Don't Worry It Will Fun!

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