Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sometimes Less Is More

This invoked many thoughts and sparked my imagination in many ways. I know this is a time for me to sssshhhh myself.

Enjoy, Feel & Daydream:)

Insignificant Images

The Sight Of Movement Gives Happiness

Dig Deep Where You Are

Don't Slip Off Elsewhere

Unbalance So As to Rebalance

Spoken By Tilda Swinton


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh being fully in the present insignificant images can be magical. Unbalance as to rebalance. I love that!! So necessary to just let go and soak in the splendor here and there.

Give Away

Give Away
With Love From Me


Yes there is a lot of polishing that needs to be done here!

Admited! Guilty As Charged!

Looking At It Another Way. We Are Bravely Starting At
The Very Beginning. An Idea With No Real End In Sight.

Together We Can All Strive To Be Stratospherically Superb.

There Is A Blurry Focus But Don't Worry It Will Fun!

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