Monday, October 4, 2010

That Perfect Tunic!

Sometimes I sigh when I think about the "fit me like a glove tunic" I found in Milano. The tunic reflecting my style and spirit. The tunic I didn't want to take off. The tunic I wanted to buy and cut the tags off and wear out of the store. Oh That Perfect Tunic!

Now while I moan and groan about not buying that tunic, I am also thinking of a book I came across about fashion and luxury. I don't even know why I put it down and didn't buy it especially since the price of it was at least 50 times less expensive than That Perfect Tunic!

I want to buy this book read it. Then write a post about it, the only thing my brain is not helping me out!

Was I looking at it in Monteray, London or at Chapters here in Montreal? Don't know.

I have a very fuzzy sense it may be "Louis Vuitton: The Birth Of Modern Luxury" One would think I would remember a book like that. But no, I think because I was lame and didn't just buy the book my reward for my stupidity is my brain not being able to function in a smart manner allowing my memory to do its job and engage in memory recall.

Do you think "That Perfect Tunic!", had some magical powers I hadn't picked up on. Did she really wanted to come home with me? Was she mad at me because I walked away and left her in the store for another to enjoy? Did "That Perfect Tunic!" seek a little revenge and said " I"ll get you, one day. You will really need to remember something but Oh Well, haha, you will not be able to!" ?

I guess that is the price I have to pay for walking away and not buying..........

That Perfect Tunic!

Written by Alison Elizabeth


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