Monday, October 25, 2010

Here, Dull Is Against The Law!


Yes Oh Yes Polyester is a scary thing!

How creeped out are you after watching the tale of the stranger who came to town?

Yes Oh Yes Polyester is a scary thing!

We are in the midst the haunting season! We are being haunted by the ghosts of past fashion faux pas's. Fashion which never should have been created and sold to the innocent fashion loving soul!

Yes Oh Yes Polyester is a scary thing!

Though one thing will save us, easing our fears. We must commit to being brave, bright and vibrant everyday when we dress our fashion loving souls. The one thing we can take away from this creepy little tale is this!

Here, Dull Is Against The Law!


Ninjagaiden78 said...

Fight against dullness! I like it.

Frozen Fashion said...

We must never commit the cardinal sin!

Anonymous said...

I'd wear polyester over being dull any day :)

Frozen Fashion said...

Oh you really are brave! Bravo!

erin said...

poly blend, oh my

i can't wait till decades from now we look back and wonder what the hell we were thinking way back in 2010

BTW 70s guy has some serious swagger... OOOH YEAH...

Frozen Fashion said...

OH yes I do agree there was lots of swagger going on then! They certainly potrayed it even in polyester! ewwww I would like to see a lot more of it today but without the polyester! yeah!

The Red Umbrella said...

Too funny! As the world turns...

Frozen Fashion said...

I know Red Umbrella too funny! Gotta love the 70's!

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