Thursday, October 7, 2010

Free minds

We touch it, we don't feel it

We take a step, we don't go anywhere

We look beyond, we don't see it

We think, we are void

And still we stare as we care & dare

Tied & binded here in the unsafest of safe places


We whisper, we can hear one another

The white is so dark, the warmth is so cold

One transcends

Two pushes through

All open

We all go

We take a breath, we breath

We try, we climb

We sing whisper songs, note to note

Clasped hands hold us together

We now find, we discover our paths

We touch it, we feel it

We take a step , We move forward

We look beyond, We see, We go

We think, We blossom

With free minds

written by Alison Elizabeth


Anonymous said...

Nice imagry...meandering thru a forest grove experiencing what they will independently on a journey together. Each different yet common bonds!!

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