Friday, October 22, 2010

"My Oh So Flattering Tunic"

My Hubby! God Bless Him:)

We had a fateful day yesterday!

There is most definately a nip in the air now:(
But I am not going to fret it as I will be dressed fashionably warm and snug as the temperature drops to -shouldn't be allowed to get that cold- temperatures.

Noticing the chill, I decided to start dressing warmer and I wanted to stay away from black, brown & greys. You know being dressed in a monochrome shade is not what I am going for. I spotted it! "My Oh So Flattering Tunic" A lime green jersey knit tunic I have. Normally it would have been put away with my summer clothes. I am a throw back who still packs away my summer & winter clothes once the season has past. How I missed packing away this fun and "My Oh so flattering tunic" is a mystery to me?

I then remembered something and put two and two together! I also have a very fun lime green long crochet scarf with pretty fuschia red & pink roses on it. I combined "My Oh so flattering tunic" & fun pretty scarf together with a pair of soft baby cord stretch trousers & a delicate brushed flannel stretch cropped very light weight jacket which can be worn under my coat. Both in black. Yes I chose a basic colour which really was out shone by my in my minds eye a great combo and look.


And I was off to trot and prance my way through the day!

Let's fast forward!

I decide time for me to retire for the evening. I get up and kiss my hubby and say goodnight. A great way to end my day...........

Then he looks at me again........

His head tilts to the side........

He makes a face............

I ask what it is?

He is reluctant to answer.........
And we all know why he is reluctant to answer! lol

I press him again "you need to tell me" I say

He takes a deep breath..........

"That top, it looks like you have a stomach that sticks way out , it makes it look really big!

Can you believe that he actually said that! A man should know there are things you never say to a woman!


I was not offended. Surprise! Surprise!

I furrowed my brow...

Really! Had I not noticed before? ......

He said, I think it is too high waisted or something.......

Off I trot to look in my mirror!

Oh God Bless my hubby! He was right! How could this be? How could I not have noticed before?

I then looked with an eagle eye....Oh maybe this is the culprit a design combination that together does not flatter my shape whatsoever!

It has an empress waist & cut longer on the sides giving the bottom of the top a half circle hem. Shorter in the centre and longer on the sides with the highcut empress waist was a fashion disaster for me! Silly me! Walking around all day feeling really great in my outfit with its bright splashy lime green colour!

I fiddled around with the hem and I did discover if I shortened the hemline at the sides, evening it out with the shorter hem, the big big tummy effect disappeared! Voila I know what to do to save "My Oh So Flattering Tunic!" from being donated to my local Sally Ann.

OH "My Oh So Flattering Tunic!" When I wear you again after I make my adjustments I will remember the old days fondly. Remembering me prancing around my daily life wearing you thinking I was looking great!....

OH "My Oh So Flattering Tuni!" have no fear we can and will evolve! It will all be alright in the end! We will look even better together!


SucceedingatFailing said...

Aww I've had those issues many a time! Your lucky to have a nice honest husband and at least it just needed tweaking!

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